SWOT ANALYSIS OF KIA MOTORS An Introduction: Based in Seoul, South Korea, Kia Motors is a leading name in the world of mobility known for its safe, reliable, and stylish automobiles. Hyundai holds one-third ownership of the automobile company. In recent years, Kia has expanded its product portfolio to cater to the changing needs and … Read more

Digital Marketing Ideas for the Real Estate Industry

Digital real estate marketing ideas

The real estate market has grown fiercely competitive. Real estate companies, agents, and marketers depends can be successful only if they market their products and services the right way. It is the era of digital marketing and social media. People search for properties and property rates online. Real estate companies and agents need to develop … Read more

VRIO Analysis of SONY

The resources and capabilities of a company are its drivers of competitive advantage. Nearly all that a business owns can be classified as a resource or capability. By understanding the resources and capabilities of different enterprises, one can understand why overall performance differs from one business to another. To achieve a competitive advantage, the resource … Read more

Business Analysis of SONY Corporation

Tokyo, Japan-based SONY corporation, is a leading name in consumer electronics, gaming, and entertainment. The company has a diversified product portfolio and sells in many markets across the globe. SONY is also a leader in imaging and sensing solutions. The company has enjoyed robust growth in recent years, but its growth plans seem to have … Read more

Small Business Marketing: Managing the Balance

The marketing department in a small business is usually a one-person show. All of the marketing responsibilities rest on the shoulders of one person and that can be overwhelming for obvious reasons.  As a small business marketer, you’re tasked with creating a work-life balance that’s indicative of a healthy physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Managing … Read more