Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of BMW Motors

BMW Five forces analysis : Introduction BMW is one of the leading brands of luxury cars, headquartered in Munich, Germany. Apart from the BMW brand, the BMW group also owns Mini Cooper and RollsRoyce, both of which are premium car brands. The company is known for making stylish cars and its focus upon innovation. Worldwide, … Read morePorter’s Five Forces Analysis of BMW Motors

Books vs Cigarettes by George Orwell – Summary and Analysis

George Orwell wrote his ‘Books versus Cigarettes‘ in 1946, an year later than his Animal Farm. This piece was published in The Tribune on February 8th in the same year. Orwell became the literary editor of The Tribune in 1943. He wrote several essays on problems affecting the British society. This one is about reading … Read moreBooks vs Cigarettes by George Orwell – Summary and Analysis

Strategic Importance of China for Tesla motors

Tesla has grown into the market leading brand of electric cars. Innovation, product quality and superior customer experience are the hallmarks of Tesla. In the United States market, sales of Tesla cars grew faster this year. Most of Tesla car models experienced fast growth in sales. In 2019, the automobile industry entered a difficult phase. … Read moreStrategic Importance of China for Tesla motors

HP CSR and Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility at Hewlett Packard. Hewlett Packard (HP) is a leading brand of computing products and peripherals. It deals in a large range of technological solutions to serve the computing needs of its customers globally. In 2015, HP was divided into two companies Hewlett Packard (HP) and Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE). HP became the … Read moreHP CSR and Sustainability

Supply chain management at Google.

Supply Chain innovation at Google – Developing a Smart and Responsible Supply Chain Google is one of the tech leaders whose business empire extends globally to every corner of the world. Its parent company is Alphabet and CEO Sunder Pichai. The growing use of internet throughout the world has helped Google grow its business empire … Read moreSupply chain management at Google.

Nissan Motors SWOT Analysis 2019.

Nissan SWOT Analysis.

Nissan SWOT Analysis 2019. Nissan is one of the leading automobile brands in the world with a global footprint. The company has sustained its growth rate in a challenging environment through focus upon technological innovation. Its sales of vehicles grew to 5.77 million units in 2017 and then fell again in fiscal 2018 (ending March … Read moreNissan Motors SWOT Analysis 2019.