Challenge of Culture in Marketing: The IKEA Experience

How IKEA overcame the cultural challenge? Culture is a major factor that affects all businesses. However, for those operating overseas, it is a bigger challenge. Every business wants to grow large overnight and still, when trying to sell in foreign markets culture can become a hurdle. Culture is a factor that has an important effect on your marketing strategy. Many

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B2B Versus B2C in terms of security, SCM monitoring, and performance enhancement.

 Compare and contrast business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce in terms of security, SCM monitoring, and performance enhancement.  Commercial transactions are of two types – B2B and B2C. The two arrangements differ in many terms. The differences lie in security arrangements, supply chain monitoring, performance enhancement and many other terms. It is mainly because the

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Retail Versus B2B Marketing

Difference between the B2B and retail marketing strategies Retail marketing is vastly different from B2B marketing. Both  employ different strategies. In retail marketing the focus is on smart, aggressive and consistent conversion of the customers into shoppers. The retail marketers both online and offline use more of merchandising activities to entice the target market to buy.  This

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Ethical and Legal considerations in DTC marketing: the case of Pharmacare – Compcare

Ethical concerns in DTC (Direct to Consumer) Marketing : Pharmacare – Compcare case.  Ethics are a major concern in marketing. How the organizations market their products and services is a very important concern for both marketers and customers. Honest marketing can deliver the expected value and deceptive practices can harm both the producer and the consumer. In

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Backward and Forward Integration: Benefits for Businesses

Forward and backward integration Both forward and backward integration are vertical integration strategies to gain better control of the value chain, reduce dependence on the suppliers and increase business competitiveness.  The two strategies can help companies gain higher control of their business and reduce the bargaining power of suppliers. There are some major benefits to

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marketing the intangibles

Four problems created by intangibility for the marketers In various ways, the marketing of the intangibles differs from that of the tangibles. While there is some degree of intangibility related to the tangible products also, there are some distinct challenges related to marketing of intangible products. Marketing’s concern is to find and retain customers. However,

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Advertising and Technology

How has technology revolutionized marketing and advertising? The world of advertising was affected the most by technology. Especially, the arrival of digital technology changed it like nothing else. Together, digital technology and the internet ushered a new era in advertising. Technological innovation provided advertisers with new venues and channels of promotion. It made their task

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Importance of Brand Equity

All that brand equity means to businesses According to the American Marketing Association, brand equity arises out of the consumer’s favorable perception of a brand.  It is based on the consumers’ attitudes about positive brand attributes and favorable consequences of brand use. Most importantly it is the value a brand provides to an organization. Consumers’

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Ford motors Five Forces Analysis

 Porter’s ‘Five Forces’ Analysis of Ford Motors The automotives industry is marked by intense competition. Here, any brand must focus on innovation to retain its market share.  Over the last few years, Ford has performed excellently in this area.  Its revival has been based on excellent leadership and technological innovation. The credit of its renovation goes to Mulally’s leadership.

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Coca Cola PEST Analysis

A PESTEL Analysis of Coca Cola: Coca Cola PESTLE Analysis (Introduction): The non-alcoholic beverages brand Coca-Cola operates globally. The global environment subjects a corporation to several kinds of pressures and challenges. Today, the world market has grown highly globalized. Companies are doing business across large regions spanning several countries. In this highly globalized market, certain factors

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PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS CASE Study solved: (Dess, Lumpkin & Eisner) BACKGROUND: Pixar emerged as a successful brand name in the animation industry with the release of hits like Toy-story and Cars. With its long trail of blockbuster animation movies, Pixar has acquired the distinct status of a leading animation company. The brand had originated from the computer division

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Costco SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis of Costco Wholesale 2016. Background: Costco (NASDAQ: COST) is one of the US’ leading three retailers and the largest membership warehouse chain in the world. The brand is well known for its unconventional business model. The America based wholesale company was founded in the year 1983 by James Sinegal and Jeffery Brotman

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