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| Updated: December 12, 2018

The Main Competitors of Google Inc

The owner of the largest search engine on the planet is also known for its Android Mobile operating system which is used on a very large number of cellphones and mobile devices. Google’s search engine holds the largest market share followed by Microsoft’s Bing.  Apart from that Google is also a competitor in cloud based services. Google’s hosted messaging and a large range of productivity suite compete with several products by Apple and Google. The cloud industry especially is seeing very heavy competition because of the growing opportunities in this segment and because of its heavy profitability.  Now, google has entered the smartphone market with its Pixel. while its share in the smartphone industry is very small, still it can grow into a significant player, if it continues to invest in this area. In search engine and digital advertising, it will continue to remain the biggest player. Another major player is Facebook whose share in digital advertising has continued to grow with its growing customer base.

Google’s main competitors are the big four – Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. However, apart from these small and big rivalries in several areas can also be noticed from those for being technologically advanced to those in the area of social media. Netflix and Hulu are powerful competitors for Google’s YouTube.

Google Important Stats 2017:

Revenue from Advertising: 95375 Million Dollars

Total Revenue: 109652 Million Dollars

Number of Employees – 80110


Apple  is one of the toughest competitors that has made a return to the top position in the tech industry with a  bang. Its iOs is the biggest challenger to Google Android OS. The maker of Mac and iPhone has got its market value at around 800 Billion USD. Despite the sweeping changes across the computing industry, the brand has continued to grow based on its iPhone sales.  Even after the passing away of Steve Jobs, Apple is ruling the tech industry and investing in new technologies. It turns out the brand is the highest rival for Google, Amazon and Microsoft.



The maker of windows operating system is also a major challenger to Google’s business empire. The two compete in several areas including cloud technology and search advertising. While Google has the lion’s share in online advertising business, Microsoft also has a significant presence in this field. Moreover, it continues to invest in areas like AI and IoT to remain ahead in the race of technology. Microsoft’s Bing search engine competes with Google. While Google has the largest market share in this area, Bing s just second to it.


Amazon has also grown to be a tough competitor for Google. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are taking the lead in the cloud business industry. Google’s cloud business is growing but is met against tough competitors. Amazon’s revenue has also grown very fast in the recent years. Infact it is the toughest competitor in the cloud industry.


Facebook, the leading social media platform is also one of the biggest competitors of Google. Most of the competition is in the area of advertising. Facebook’s share in mobile advertising has grown faster in recent years. The two brands together  grab the lion’s share in online advertising. Facebook’s share has continued to grow fast and it is giving Google a tough competition in this area with the number of active users past 2 Billions, Facebook is actively growing to become a favourite of marketers. Moreover, Google’s YouTube is also a close competitor of Facebook. Several other apps by both the company also competes with the apps made by the other.

However, this is not the entire story because there are several other influential players in the cloud industry too. The demand for cloud technology has grown very fast in the recent years. Several major cloud players have merged whose revenues have grown fast owing to the fast growth of the cloud industry. Some of the biggest names that can compete with Google include IBM, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle. Apart from these since Google owns Youtube a social media brand, it is also in competition with other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram etc as well as the other streaming video sites like Netflix and Hulu. So, the number of competitors of Google has continued to grow and it is mainly because of the growing number of players in the cloud industry.


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