Tesla Gross Profit

Gross Profits of Tesla Motors 2009-2017

The following table shows the gross profit of Tesla 2009-2017.

Tesla Inc Gross Profits in thousands dollars 2009-2017
YearGross profit in 000s
2009 $               9,535
2010 $             30,731
2011 $             61,595
2012 $             30,067
2013 $         4,56,262
2014 $         8,81,671
2015 $         9,23,503
2016 $       15,99,257
2017 $       22,22,487

Tesla is a leading brand in the area of sustainable technology. Apart from making eco-friendly and electrical cars, it also makes and sells solar energy generation and storage systems. The revenue and profits of the brand have grown very fast during the last 5 years. Tesla’s gross profits in 2017 were higher than 22.22 Billion dollars. This represented  a rise of more than 6 Billion dollars over the previous year.  In 2016, its gross profit was 15.99 Billion dollars. Tesla’s Gross profit in 2017 from Automotive & services and other segment was 19.8 Billion dollars whereas that from energy generation and storage products was 241.72 million dollars. Previous year, (2016), its gross profit from the power generation and storage products was only 3 million dollars whereas that  from Automotive & services and other products  was 15.96 Billion dollars. Overall gross profit rose across both the segments in 2017.


Data sourced from annual reports of Tesla available on its investors website.

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