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Revenue of Samsung Group 2001-2018

Samsung data & stats

The following table shows the revenue of Samsung group from 2001-2018. (The sums are in trillion Korean Won 2001-17 and in Billion dollars 2008-17)

YEARREVENUE (Trillion KRW)REVENUE ( Billlion $)
2018.243.8 Tr. KRW221.6 Bn USD
2017.239.6 Tr. KRW$211.8 B
2016.201.9 Tr. KRW$178.5 B
2015.200.7 Tr. KRw$173 B
2014.206.2 Tr. KRW$182.3 B
2013.228.7 Tr. KRW$217.2 B
2012.201.1 Tr. KRW$190.6 B
2011.165 Tr. KRW$154 B
2010.154 Tr. KRW$134 B
2009.136 Tr. KRW$119.7 B
2008.121.3 Tr. KRW$103.9 B
2007.98.5 Tr. KRW
2006.85.8 Tr. KRW
2005.80.6 Tr. KRW
2004.81.9 Tr. KRW
2003.64.8 Tr. KRW
2002.59.6 Tr. KRW
2001.35 Tr. KRW

In 2018, revenue of Samsung grew to 243.8 Tr. KRW rising from 239.6 Tr. KRW in 2017.

The revenue of Samsung in 2017 grew to 239.6 Trillion Korean Won or 211.8 Billion dollars from 201.9 Trillion Korean Won or 178.5 Billion US dollars. the IT and mobile communications division accounted for the largest part of its entire sales, nearly 40% followed by semi conductors (28%) and consumer electronics (17%).

About Samsung:

Samsung Electronics is an innovative South Korea based electronics company that deals in a broad range of products including Consumer electronics, IT & Mobile Communications, Device solutions semiconductor and Device solutions display. Samsung has a global presence and its operation network includes 217 worldwide operation hubs that include its headquarters in Suwon, South Korea. The brand also operates 15 Regional Offices in Korea, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions of the world. A leader in chip making and consumer electronics, the focus of Samsung is on sustainable innovation. Apart from that the brand has also brought a nice range of cyber security products and services to cater to the growing needs of cyber security. In the recent years, Samsung has enjoyed superior financial growth driven by growth in the sales of IT and mobile solution products, semi conductors and displays.  Recently it acquired Harman, a US based auto electronics and audio maker as well as Dacor, a  US based high end kitchen appliances maker. During the past two years, it has also made major investments in IoT.

Samsung President & CEO: Kim Ki Nam,  Koh Dong Jin & Kim Hyun Shuk (2018-Present)


Samsung Annual Reports.

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