HP Mission and Vision analysis

Mission and Vision Analysis of Hewlett Packard

HP provides technology products, software and services to individual consumers, small and big enterprises and the government. The company was founded in 1939 by two friends from Stanford University, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Recently, it made a strategic move to divide the company into two separate divisions – HP and HPE. The move was mainly a result of the declining PC and Laptop sales. It was made in order to better utilize the resources to respond to changing market conditions and demands and channel the company into emerging directions. The HP division is led by Dion Weisler and sells PCs and printers.

The company believes that the two separate units will bring more efficiency and profits to the brand. HP takes care of its brand image and has invested in several things including sustainability and environmental leadership. HP was forced to change its course because of the technological changes and rising demand of cloud computing. Its main focus is technology and innovation to bring products that suit its customer needs. It  has noted this point in its mission and vision statement.  Here is a discussion of its mission and vision with recommendations.

Below is the mission and vision statement of HP. Several brands use separate mission and vision statements whereas some of them use unified mission and visions. HP’s vision statement also acts as its mission statement.

                                                                                         HP MISSION AND VISION ANALYSIS

Our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere — every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. This motivates us — inspires us — to do what we do. To make what we make. To invent, and to reinvent. To engineer experiences that amaze. We won’t stop pushing ahead, because you won’t stop pushing ahead. You’re reinventing how you work. How you play. How you live. With our technology, you’ll reinvent your world. This is our calling. This is a new HP.

Keep reinventing.

Analysis and Recommendations:

The  central focus of the vision statement is technological innovation. HP’s market and its consumers’ needs have continued to change fast. In the recent times, the rise of new technologies like the cloud technology have greatly altered how people and businesses used to work. Therefore, HP’s focus is on technology that works and helps its clients perform. In this regard you can say that HP’s mission statement is focused on the product.  It states how HP plans to respond to its customers’ needs. However, its mission does not state anything about what kind of products it makes. It creates technology that  helps the clients push ahead.  HP’s clients are everywhere. As it notes from people to organizations to communities, all are its customers.

Still, that does not give  a clear glimpse of HP’s market size, market position or competitive challenges. Most of the emphasis is on technological innovation, but no clear connection is established between consumer needs and the technology HP provides. It makes laptops, PCs, printers and other various forms of technology that cater to the  customers’ computing needs. These points are missing from HP’s mission and vision. So, even if innovation and innovative ideas are the main focus for the managers, the statement does not give clear directions or guidance over decision making and resource allocation in daily scenarios. HP is concerned for its public image but there are other things that must be included to better show its concern. Its efforts in CSR, sustainability and corporate citizenship are not highlighted as a part of its mission statement.

Another important concern is financial growth. How HP is planning to achieve financial growth? What is its current financial position? How is its competition or how the company is positioned compared to its competitors? These things are not a part of its mission statement. Another important thing lacking in its mission and vision is specificity.  The statement must be specific enough to provide clear guidance to the managers regarding decision making and business planning. A vision statement sets a clear direction and must also be specific therefore. Still, it should also be broad enough to  leave space for amendments. A vision is like a course to the future. In this way, HP’s mission and vision is lacking in some important areas. With all the stress being on technological innovation, several other things seem to have been missed. Even if its customer orientation is visible in HP’s mission and vision, the relationship between customer needs and the solutions from HP can be made clearer.

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