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Advertising Revenue of Facebook 2010-2018

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The following table shows the advertising revenue of Facebook from 2010-2017.

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Ad Revenue in Q1 of fiscal 2018 – 11,795 Million USD.

Advertising is the primary source of revenue for Facebook and remains a large part of its revenue. In 2017, its advertising revenue touched 39.94 Billion US dollars. During the past few years, its advertising revenue has grown very fast which is because of increased mobile advertising. While the brand’s total revenue was 40,653 Million Dollars 711 Million dollars were earned from memberships and other fees. Compared to previous year, its advertising revenue had grown by 49%. IN 2016, Facebook’s advertising revenue was 26.9 Billion dollars. Even in 2018, its advertising revenue has continued to grow faster. During the first quarter of 2018, its advertising revenue was 11,795 Million Dollars. In the same period last year, the brand earned 7857 Million dollars in Advertising revenue.

US & Canada remain the primary source of Ad revenue for Facebook. In 2017, it earned 19,484 Million dollars in advertising revenue from US & Canada alone. During the first quarter of 2018, its advertising revenue was 5,559 Million dollars from US & Canada.


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