10 Apps To Monitor Your Employees’ Performance

Searching for convenient and innovative means to ensure maximum output and performance of employees can prove to be a bottleneck, but this article is aimed at lightening your task. The apps evaluated here will give the employer insight on staff activities by providing information regarding what they do during working hours. This allows them better accountability, productivity, and proper billing of clients. 

They are also less tasking for the employer, easy to operate, automated, smart, and also give reports on sites employees visit, track keyboard activities, provide screenshots and recordings; thus, ensuring that workers are right on track for higher performance.

So let’s get down to the list of the 10 top monitoring apps for working environments.

Top 10 apps to monitor employee performance

  1. TimeDoctor

Admit that tracking employees’ performance isn’t an easy task. Still, TimeDoctor accounts for the time an employee spends working and ensures proper management of projects with its monitoring abilities. They include features that monitor sites visited, tasks being worked on, and the amount of time spent on it, the productivity of the employee, which assists when billing a client. It is built to increase personal productivity, company growth, and monitor workers by providing exact information. Besides that, it also:

  • Nudge employees to get back to work when they are on social media sites
  • Take screenshots which has an option of being deleted as it may contain sensitive contents
  • Calculate the total working time spent on a task
  • Can be turned off at relevant times such as during break periods
  • Has an automated tracker that records the use of distracting apps
  • Recognizes unproductive employees and tracks keyboard activities
  • Is easy to use, easily integrated, and has a 14-day free trial period
  1. Timenotes

Timenotes is an affordable yet spectacular online timesheet and time tracking tool that gives the employer information on how workers use time, how smoothly they perform and activities that go on during work time. It is also employee-friendly as it indicates how timing can be improved if employees are overworked and how to improve team relations through its tracking activities.

This tracking app also offers the following features on employee monitoring:

  • It enables users to get used to their work routines.
  • It controls the time used to accomplish a task and helps to increase productivity.
  • It tracks attendance and provides quality reports.
  • It also supports single and team usage. 
  • It is easily integrated.
  • It is very innovative and time conscious.
  1. Clever Control

It is easy for one to classify Clever Control as one of the best when it concerns monitoring programs. Why? It allows for maximum control over chats, emails, staff computers, running apps, and so much more. It also features abilities to record audio and video and also unlawful working activities through screen recording, take screenshots and monitor printer use and search engines used by employees. With this program, even the movement and use of USB drives are monitored as it possesses an invisible software agent.

Besides the abilities listed above, Clever Control also:

  • Possesses wide-area monitoring i.e., monitoring employees can be done regardless of their location.
  • The security of the office and its documents are sure.
  • Control over social media, checking into the daily activities of staff, and probing into unlawful office actions is achievable.
  1. RescueTime

This only gets better as RescueTime is a background platform that ensures high performance while tracking time and blocking distractions while an employee works. It is easy to use and gives updates on the team’s productivity and improves the general productivity level by helping to determine what takes up your time and what doesn’t. It monitors activities done on the computer even to phone calls and sends reminders and alerts to keep you right on track.

So why should you consider RescueTime?

  • It notifies you of the time spent on a website. Thus you can determine if too much time has been spent on a particular task.
  • It is easily integrated with other tools. 
  • It provides room for individuals to set better achievable goals
  • It gives updates on and blocks sites that may reduce productivity level and sends alerts for complete jobs.
  • It measures precise time spent on any website, including documents.
  • It produces varying styles of reports, detailed or not.
  • It gives insight on hardworking and idle members, which makes them progress and what doesn’t.
  1. Interguard

If you need a security system to prevent leakage of important files, then Interguard is there for you. Besides that, it provides quality features in monitoring keyboard and social media use and even record activities when offline. It prevents breach of policies from staff and also a general breach of system and scans the websites that the worker uses this, ensuring the safety and security of the company. Real-time productivity is increased as it displays how an employee spends time on any task.

Why Interguard?

  • It tracks attendance and provides screenshots and videos.
  • It prevents threats and improves staff compliance.
  • It investigates breaches and provides proof.
  • It also ensures online productivity by filtering and blocking irrelevant websites.
  • It records varying activities involving documents.
  • It accesses and deletes files on laptops that have been stolen and can retrieve the file in case of a breach.
  1. Toggl

Toggl is built to suit small businesses in tracking tasks and time by keeping records and monitoring keyboards activities, and ensure proper workflows while also being easily integrated. It is built to monitor employees on how they carry out their activities and also features a variety of plans, in other words, small businesses can choose the plan which they can afford and suit them most

Key features

  • It possesses timesheets for records
  • It monitors keyboard activities
  • It calculates the time sent on a task
  • It is suited for tracking different tools through its extension
  • It is easy to integrate
  • It’s customer relations is superb
  1. Todoist

Do you know that over 10 million people around the world rely on Todoist to help them organize and control their activities? One great thing Todoist does is to help remember those things one may forget even when choked up with a bulk of activities. It does this by letting you organize activities in a to-do-list manner, hence increasing your chances of meeting up deadlines,  and also assist in what activity to carry out next and how to delegate tasks.

It further

  • Allows for sharing of task and lets you know when it’s completed
  • Improves productivity by setting goals and organizing your day
  • Ensure order and gives insight on takes while maintaining confidence and priorities and distributing essential information to your team
  1. SnapEngage

Having lively chats can be intriguing and appealing. SnapEngage is designed to keep customers rapidly engaged and satisfied by monitoring their questions alongside the way they are responded to. They are suited for friendly conversation while maintaining reduced costs, permitting an exchange of images and documents and possessing a lively interface

Use SnapEngage for

  • Customizable chats
  • Quick and efficient responses
  • Satisfactory and lively responses
  • To determine  the up-to-dateness of employees’ response
  1. DeskTime

DeskTime is a high productivity inclined software aimed at maintaining organization and proper management by featuring screenshots, timing, app usage, and website tracking. Over 11 thousand companies make use of this software as it is excellent when it comes to the improvement of workflow, proper billing, safety, time spent on a particular kind of work, and aids flexibility in a work-friendly environment. One of its aims is to improve the relationship between the client and the company.

More on DeskTime

  • Tells hardworking and lackadaisical staff members
  • Helps in keeping track of time while also allowing staff to work from where they want
  • Maintains good customer service
  • Keeping employees right on track
  1. AktivTrak

This is a popular monitoring program that ensures high employee performance by possessing sophisticated functions, like? Tracking the productivity level of employees and being able to take screenshots and featuring automated alerts. That’s not all; it also allows the employer to control the performance of workers and features privacy settings that make for company security and is compatible with Windows, Android, Macros, and iOS. With AktivTrak, the rules and regulations of the company are made easy to adhere to.

What AktivTrak does?

  • It provides functions that silently monitor employees without their notice.
  • It disables distracting sites, which improves productivity.
  • It ensures efficient workflows and helps discover where improvement is needed.
  • It prevents the virus from attacking a computer through websites.
  • It also sends notifications when the sensitive contents of the company are being accessed.


Employee monitoring and time tracking have been made easier for employers and single users alike. These programs evaluated here are inclined to track employee’s productivity for feedback, coaching, and monitoring by employers and as well as increase performance while also maintaining convenience for the user. 

It is our opinion that you endeavor to make a suitable decision that suits your organizational or personal needs and let us know what app(s) work best for you and those that don’t accomplish your desires. You can leave your thoughts, questions, and comments in the comments box, and we would be thrilled to guide you towards achieving what you need to maximize results.

Guest Submission by Lori Wade (Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. You can find her on Twitter & LinkedIn. )