Leading Names in the aerospace industry

Largest aerospace brands Boeing: Boeing is a leading aerospace brand. It makes commercial airplanes as well as defense and space products including fighter planes,  choppers, missile defense and weapons. Commercial airplanes are its largest source of revenue. Boeing’s range of commercial airplanes includes the 737, 746, 767, 777 and 787. Apart from them, Boeing also … Read moreLeading Names in the aerospace industry

Tencent Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix of Tencent holdings ltd. Tencent is a leading internet technology company of China. Its headquarters are in Shenzhen. It has brought a large range of internet based services in several categories including social networking, payment, information, utilities, entertainment and artificial intelligence. The company was founded in 1998 and celebrated its 20th anniversary in … Read moreTencent Marketing Mix

VISA mission and vision analysis

Most of the credit card holders around the world can easily recognize the VISA brand. VISA offers transaction processing services which includes manly authorization, clearance and settlement.  Its clients include merchants and financial institutions globally whom it offers services through its VisaNet processing platform. In 2018, VISA processed 124.3 billion transactions of 182 billion cash … Read moreVISA mission and vision analysis

Three Iconic brands by Nestle and their Marketing Strategies

Introduction: Nestle is a leading FMCG brand with a global presence and a large product portfolio. 2018 was a productive year for Nestle when it achieved impressive sales and continued the expansion of its product line. The FMCG industry is marked by heavy competition and some of the main competitors of Nestle include Unilever and … Read moreThree Iconic brands by Nestle and their Marketing Strategies

The magic of Kitkat: Marketing Strategy behind Nestle’s iconic brand

Introduction: Kitkat is among one of the iconic brands by Nestle.  Apart from the great chocolaty flavour and the attractive red and white packaging, there is a lot more that makes Kitkat special for its fans. Nestle has brought  several more chocolate products too including milky bar including Milky Bar. However, none of them could … Read moreThe magic of Kitkat: Marketing Strategy behind Nestle’s iconic brand

Gucci social media marketing strategy

INTRODUCTION Social  media is now an irreplaceable part of any major fashion brand’s marketing strategy. All the leading fashion brands are using social media to increase their reach and to engage their customers and fans from all around the globe. Gucci is among the most famous fashion brands of the world. It was founded in … Read moreGucci social media marketing strategy