Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix of Fiat Chrysler : An Introduction Fiat Chrysler is a leading global auto brand with a large product portfolio and operations in more than 40 countries. Its head office is in London, United Kingdom. However, the sales and distribution network of the company is spread across more than 135 countries. It sells its … Read moreFiat Chrysler Automobiles Marketing Mix

Main Responsibilities of Human Resource Department

What are the main responsibilities of Human Resource function in an organization? Human resource function now plays a more critical role for businesses than a few decades ago. The rising importance of the HR function is mainly due to the reason that organizations have understood the value of employees and their contribution to the growth … Read moreMain Responsibilities of Human Resource Department

Google site kit: a brief review

Site Kit by Google WordPress Plugin for Improved Pagespeed and Analytics An analytics plugin is essential for any blog on WordPress since bloggers and webmasters need to monitor their audience regularly. For those who depend on their website revenue mainly, it is even important. However, one major problem with most analytics plugin is that they … Read moreGoogle site kit: a brief review

Nike Snowday Advertisement Rhetorical Analysis

Ethos, Pathos and Logos in Nike Snowday Advertisement Nike, the leading sports shoe, apparel and equipment brand of the world has a strong presence around the world. Its brand image and strong reputation are a result of consistent focus upon quality, a great marketing strategy, firm focus upon customer needs and evolving trends as well … Read moreNike Snowday Advertisement Rhetorical Analysis

A Brief Overview of HP’s New Spectre Laptop

Introduction      It’s not everyday that some company announces a new laptop, but it might as well be. Dozens of laptops are released and/or announced on an annual basis, and for the most part, the only thing separating these laptops are the logo on the front.      However, HP seems keen on avoiding this stereotype with their … Read moreA Brief Overview of HP’s New Spectre Laptop

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of BMW Motors

BMW Five forces analysis : Introduction BMW is one of the leading brands of luxury cars, headquartered in Munich, Germany. Apart from the BMW brand, the BMW group also owns Mini Cooper and RollsRoyce, both of which are premium car brands. The company is known for making stylish cars and its focus upon innovation. Worldwide, … Read morePorter’s Five Forces Analysis of BMW Motors