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Walt Disney Number of employees

Walt Disney Number of Employees 2009-2017

The following table shows the number of people Walt Disney employed from 2009-2017.

As of 2017, Walt Disney employed 199,000 people. The company is hailed globally for its attractive employment policies and work environment. Forbes ranked it among top best employers of the world in its 2018 list. Forbes’ annual rankings of 2000 best employers globally, placed Walt disney at number fourth in the list.

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Walt Disney has started several attractive programs for training and career management of its employees. The Disney Aspire is an educational program aimed to provide continuing education to Disney employees. This program includes a variety of attractive educational options from high school completion and English language learning to vocational and trade programs and bachelor’s and master’s degree. Forbes has ranked Disney on other lists too including its list of world’s Best Regarded companies where Disney took the top spot. ‘Heroes work Here’ program for the veterans has helped more 10000 of them join the company since its launch in 2012.


Disney Annual reports 2009-2017


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