Toyota Research and Development Costs

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Toyota Research and Development Expenses


How much does Toyota invest in research and development. Find out from the following table. 

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In 2017, Toyota’s investment in research and development was 1037.5 billion yen or 9.6 Billion dollars. This was less than the previous year when the brand invested 1055 billion yen or 9.8 Billion dollars. Research and investment is an integral part of its business strategy where it keeps investing in R&D so that to design and develop new products and to advance in the area of robotics, automated driving and Artificial Intelligence. With this purpose the brand established Toyota Research Institute Inc with Dr Gill Pratt one of the world’s foremost AI researchers as its CEO. It has also set up a  related capital venture fund.  the Frontier Research center of Toyota, established in 2016, focuses on incorporating important insights from outside so as to create technologies and businesses of future with a social orientation. Its research and development function is also working on a solid state battery that  will serve as a high performance next generation battery. Apart from its own R&D divisions, the brand also works with universities and external research organizations. It has a dedicated big data center that  collects big data and leverages it for the purpose of developing technol0gies of the future. It has engaged in research on automated driving since the 1990s. It is advancing research in this area based on its mobility teammate concept.


The data is sourced from the annual reports of Toyota available on its investors website.

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