Tesla’s autopilot: Features & Functions.

Tesla’s autopilot is designed for driver safety. However, you must not consider it a self driving system which turns your vehicle into a fully automated car. You still need to be attentive and keep your hands on the wheels while you drive. Otherwise the car starts sending you alerts. It is an advanced driver assistance … Read moreTesla’s autopilot: Features & Functions.

Creating charts and graphs with google spreadsheets

CONTENTS Create a basic chart/graph: add data select chart type add labels customize your chart Customize chart style Customize chart and axis titles Format Series Hide the gridlines Insert chart into Google docs Google spreadsheets have several great options for manipulating data and creating charts and graphs for reports. It has several excellent features to … Read moreCreating charts and graphs with google spreadsheets

Detailed guide to Google Docs.

CONTENTS Create a new document set document margins editing google docs Inserting elements into google docs Inserting images Insert tables Insert drawings Insert charts Insert special characters and equations Insert table of contents Insert header & footer Playing with fonts Check word limit in google docs Check outline in google docs Format the document alignment … Read moreDetailed guide to Google Docs.

In honour of Steve Irwin

Stephen Robert Irwin (Steve Irwin), known better as The Crocodile Hunter was an Australian conservationist, zookeeper and television personality. Today’s Google Doodle remembers him on his 57th birth anniversary. Irwin co-hosted The Crocodile Hunter with his wife Terri which was a wildlife documentary series broadcast internationally. The show made Irwin famous internationally and earned him … Read moreIn honour of Steve Irwin

Inspiring and Motivating Documentaries on Netflix

If you have felt bored watching Hollywood movies and playing games, then take some time to inspire and motivate yourself. Netflix has a nice large collection of documentaries related to various topics from science and tech to crime and sports. You will also find some inspirational documentaries on Netflix. Here are five of them worth … Read moreInspiring and Motivating Documentaries on Netflix

Machine learning behind the efficiency of Google’s data centers

Google’s cutting edge technology has brought some of the most innovative products to the market including the fastest search, browser and mail as well as a diverse range of online services. Efficient delivery of Google’s online services is made possible through its global network of data centers. Currently, there are sixteen of its data centers … Read moreMachine learning behind the efficiency of Google’s data centers