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Tesla revenue Per Year 2007 to 2017

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YearAutomotives ($Mn)Services & Other segment ($Mn)Energy generation and storage ($Mn)Total Revenue/ (Millions)




The revenue of Tesla has continued to grow fast. Apart from Automotive sales and leasing, the brand also earns from services as well as energy generation and storage products.  From 2 billion dollars in 2013, the brand has reached 11 billion dollars in 2017. Revenue from sales and leasing of automotives has more than trebled in four years. Its entire revenue from the automotive segment stood at 3192 million dollars in 2014 which has grown to 9641.3 million dollars in 2017.  Revenue from services and other segments has also grown more than triple. In 2015, its revenue from services and other segments stood at 290.5 millions  which has more than trebled in 2017 at 1001.19 million dollars. The revenue from energy generation and storage services has grown manifold in three years. From 14.5 millions in 2015, it has grown past 1.1 billion dollars in 2017. Table Figures in million dollars


Tela annual reports (Form 10K)

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