Brands by Inditex: A Brief Overview

INDITEX and Its Brand Portfolio Inditex is among the largest fashion retailers with its products selling in 202 countries. Out of the 202 markets in which Inditex sells its products, 96 only have physical stores. The rest are served through online stores. Zara is the flagship brand of Inditex and it was established before Inditex … Read more

ZARA Sources of Competitive Advantage

ZARA sources of competitive advantage ZARA is now a well know fast fashion brand with an impressive presence in the international markets. It is the flagship brand of Inditex that also accounts for the largest part of the company’s revenue. ZARA’s popularity is based on several factors but mainly for its focus on quality and style … Read more

ZARA number of stores

Number of ZARA stores Worldwide 2007-18 The following table shows the number of ZARA stores around the world from 2007 to 2018 (1st half). YEAR. NO. OF ZARA STORES. 2018 1H. 2,238 2017. 2,251 2016. 2,213 2015. 2,162 2014. 2,085 2013. 1,991 2012. 1,925 2011. 1,830 2010. 1,723 2009. 1,608 2008. 1,520 2007. 1,361 ZARA … Read more

ZARA Revenue

Revenue of ZARA fashion 2007-18 The following table shows the revenue of ZARA from 2007 to the first half of 2018. [table id=327 /] ZARA is a leading fast fashion brand and the oldest one in Inditex’s portfolio. In the recent years, ZARA has expanded its empire fast globally. Apart from a growing physical presence … Read more


Number of Inditex Stores by Brand 2007-2017 The following table shows the number of Inditex stores by brand. [table id=325 /] [table id=326 /] ZARA is the largest brand in Inditex’s portfolio. It accounts for the largest part of entire revenue of Inditex (around 65%).  In 2017, ZARA’s revenue reached 16.6 Billion dollars rising from … Read more

Inditex Revenue by Brand

Inditex Revenue by brand 2007-2017 The following tables show the revenue of Inditex by each brand from 2007-2017. Sums are in million Euros. [table id=322 /] [table id=323 /] ZARA is the largest brand in Inditex’s portfolio. It accounts for the largest part of entire revenue of Inditex (around 65%).  In 2017, ZARA’s revenue reached … Read more


SWOT ANALYSIS OF ZARA FASHION CONTENTS INTRODUCTION STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION :- While Inditex was officially founded in the year 1985, the story of ZARA had begun much earlier. ZARA had started operations long before Inditex was officially established. Its first store had opened in 1975 in A Coruna, Spain. Since then Inditex … Read more

Inditex Marketing Mix

 Inditex Marketing Mix 7P’s INTRODUCTION: Inditex, the leading and largest fashion brand of the world, is the parent company of Zara and based in Spain. Zara is now a well known fast fashion brand. Apart from Zara, the other brands that Inditex owns are Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and … Read more

Zara Generic and Intensive Growth Strategies

Generic and Intensive growth Strategies of Zara Fashion   Zara is among the leading names in the world of fast fashion. The brand has grown fast in terms of market size, global presence and sales and revenue. While the sales of the brand have surged fast, so has its market size. It is now in … Read more


A PESTEL Analysis of ZARA Zara’s popularity has kept growing during the past few years. It is one of the most known names in the world of fast fashion known for excellent designs and affordable prices.  Another important attraction of Zara are its faster fashion cycles. Instead of two or three, it brings several cycles an year. … Read more

Business and Retail Strategy of Zara fashion

ZARA: A  Successful Business Model and Retail Strategy Ask why Zara is so successful? Most business analysts would answer because of its business model and by breaking the norms. While there are other names too in the world of fast fashion, none of them has proved to be as successful as Zara. The brand loyalty … Read more

Zara social media strategy

Social Media Strategy of fashion Brand Zara Zara has become a famous brand name in the world of fashion. It is a Spanish fashion brand of clothing and accessories which has acquired global popularity. There are several reasons behind it. However, there are three important qualities that define Zara. First of all, it is known for the latest in … Read more