Pepsi Resources and capabilities

Pepsi is a leading brand in the soda industry and an arch rival of Coca Cola. It is a global company with sales in 200 countries and territories. The company was incorporated in Delaware in 1919 and reincorporated in 1986 in North Carolina. Like Coca Cola, Pepsi also has a strong global presence and a … Read more

Pepsi Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis of Pepsico Pepsico was formed in 1965 after the merger of Pepsi and  Frito-Lay. Since then, the brand has continuously worked on transforming its portfolio and to grow its popularity and market share. Today, it is among the leading soda brands of the world with only Coca Cola having  the resources and capabilities … Read more

Pepsi Tows Matrix

 TOWS analysis for Pepsi Introduction: A TOWS Matrix can also be understood as an extension of the SWOT matrix. A SWOT matrix helps us identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a business. However, a TOWS matrix helps with strategy formulation on the basis of the identified factors. It is an analytical tool that … Read more

Pepsi SWOT Analysis

Pepsi SWOT Analysis 2018   Contents: Introduction Strengths weaknesses Opportunities Threats Conclusion Sources #Introduction: Pepsi is one of the leading snacks and beverages brands with 22 iconic billion dollar brands in its product portfolio.  The brand is innovating its marketing and product strategy for faster growth. Competition in the soda industry has grown intense and … Read more

Pepsi number of employees

Pepsi Number of Associates (US and International) [table id=46 /] [table id=47 /] The number of associates at Pepsico globally was equal to 263000 in 2017 at the year end. The number of those employees in US was 113000. The number of associates at Pepsi peaked during the year 2011 reaching 297000. Between 2005 and … Read more

Pepsi Business Growth and Marketing Strategies

Business Growth and Marketing Strategies of Pepsi Contents: Introduction Marketing strategy of Pepsico: Market Positioning and segmentation Large Investment in Marketing Product and Packaging Innovation Digital Marketing Campaigns and Big Data Sports Marketing and sponsorships Pepsi Social Media Marketing Facebook strategy Twitter strategy YouTube Strategy Instagram Strategy Major Investments in CSR and Sustainability Pepsi Business … Read more

Pepsico advertising and marketing budget

Marketing and Advertising Budget of Pepsi 2003-2017   How much does Pepsi spend on marketing and advertising? Find out from the below table – pepsi’s marketing and advertising costs 2003-2017.   [table id=45 /] Pepsi invests heavily in marketing like Coca Cola. The brand invested 4.1 billion  dollars in marketing in 2017. Out of the … Read more

Pepsico research and development expenses

Research and Development Expenses of Pepsico 2005 to 2017 Pepsico is engaged in a wide variety of research and development activities t retain sustainable growth and to innovate its product portfolio in order to meet the continuously changing nature of customer demand. From 2005 to 2017, Pepsico’s R& D expenses have grown more than 2.5 … Read more


MARKETING MIX OF PEPSI: PRODUCT, PLACE, PRICE, AND PROMOTION Product: Pepsi, the global beverage giant makes and sells some of the most popular soda brands in the world. Sold across more than 200 countries, Pepsi is a well-recognized and highly popular brand. Rivaled by Coca Cola, Pepsi is a leading soda brand the young generation loves. It … Read more

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Pepsi

Pepsi Five Forces Analysis Pepsi and Coca Cola are the leading brands in the soda industry. However, the soda industry has felt the chill during the last few years. Apart from the sweeping health consciousness, there are other factors too that are affecting its profitability. Pepsi had a bad 2015 and things do not seem … Read more

Pepsico Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

A Mission and Vision Statement Analysis of Pepsi The purpose for which businesses exist is more than just to sell their products and earn profits. They are also here to make a positive contribution to the society and help it grow. Most of the big brands have elaborate mission and vision statements that expand on … Read more

A PEST/PESTLE/PESTEL Analysis of Pepsico

Pepsi Pestel/PEST/PESTLE analysis INTRODUCTION: The entire soda industry has faced a decline during the last few years. Not just Pepsi, its rivals too have felt the pinch bitterly. Behind the declining performance there were mainly the social and economic factors. Several economies around the world have not performed so well in these years even after … Read more