Ford Motors facts and stats

Some Basic Facts and Stats about Ford Motors   When was Ford Motors founded? Where is its headquarter? Ford Motor Company was incorporated in Delaware in 1919. It was formed after the acquisition of a Michigan based company. This one was incorporated in 1903 and founded by Henry Ford who designed engineered and sold automobiles.Today’s … Read more

Human Resource Management at Ford Motors

Ford Motors Human Resource Management People and culture have remained a central focus at Ford Motors right since the time of Alan Mullally. He was a charismatic leader who turned the company around during the most tumultuous times. Ford has also proved that the power of a business is its people. The 21st century is … Read more

Ford Motors Business Strategy

#Business Strategy of Ford Motors Ford is among the leading automobile brands of the world. It has achieved consistent profitable growth based on smart leadership and management. Ford now aims to become the world’s most trusted mobility company. The brand has acquired some major strengths, like strong brand image and higher consumer trust as well … Read more

Ford Motors Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis of Ford Motors Ford Motors is among the most renowned automotive brands of the world. Known as an innovative vehicle brand, the company has achieved a leading position in the automobile industry. The auto industry has grown highly challenging and competitive. Apart from research and development, marketing has also become a major focus area for … Read more

Ford Motors SWOT Analysis

CONTENTS Introduction Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Conclusion Ford Motors SWOT Analysis 2018 #INTRODUCTION: Ford Motors is among the most renowned automotive brands of the world. Known as an innovative vehicle brand, the company has achieved a leading position in the automobile industry. The auto industry has grown highly challenging and competitive. Apart from research and … Read more

Competitors of Ford Motors

Main Competitors of Ford Motors Ford is among the most renowned car makers of the world.  The company was incorporated in Delaware in 1919. It came into formation through the acquisition of  Ford Motor Company that made and sold vehicles engineered by Henry Ford. Today, Ford Motors Company is a global brand that designs, manufactures, markets, … Read more

Ford Number of employees

Number of employees at Ford Motors [table id=66 /] The number of Ford employees has increased from by 21000 from 2013 to 2017. Their 2017 number reached 202000 which represented an increase of 1000 over the previous year. The above table sums up the number of Ford employees since 2013 to 2017. In the 21st … Read more

Ford Motors Marketing Mix

Ford Motors Marketing Mix – Product, Place, Price and Promotion Ford is among the most well-known and biggest automotive brands in the world. The brand is dedicated to a better future for the planet while also working for more safety of the passengers. It is a global brand selling in nearly all corners of the … Read more

Ford Motor company revenue and Net income

Revenue and Net Income of Ford Motor company The revenue for Ford motor company for 2017 was 156.8 Billion dollars which was five billion dollars higher than its revenue for the previous year. The source of revenue for the automotive segment of Ford include the sales of vehicles, pats and accessories. Revenue is recorded after … Read more

Advertising expenses of Ford Motors

Ford Motors Advertising Expenses 2008-2017 How much does Ford motors spend on advertising (Ford’s advertising budget)? Advertising and brand promotions are important for the automotive brands in the 21st century because the heavy competition. In 2017, Ford spent 4.1 Billion dollars on advertising which was 200 millions less than the previous year. In 2016, it … Read more

Ford Motors Research and Development Expenses

Research and Development Expenses of Ford Motors Ford Motors undertakes Research and Development for development of new products and models as well as to improve the performance, safety and customer satisfaction of its existing products. In 2016 and 2017, its research and development expenses totaled 7.3 and 8 billion dollars respectively. The R&D expenses include … Read more

An Analysis of the organizational culture at Ford Motors

Revival through cultural transformation: An analysis of Ford’s organizational culture The key to an organization’s performance and productivity is rooted in its culture. In many of the most successful companies of the 21st century, you can find cultures that are focused at creativity and employee satisfaction. Culture is at the root of several things including … Read more


PESTEL ANALYSIS OF FORD MOTORS The international business environment is full of risks and opportunities of all kinds. Every international brand has to deal with several forces and changes in the business environment that can be both abrupt and frequent. A PESTEL analysis helps understand some of the major risks businesses have to face when … Read more

Ford Mission and Vision Statement: An Analysis

An Analysis of Ford’s mission and Vision Statement   Ford has changed a lot during the recent decade. Under the One Ford Plan several things have been changed and realigned so that the operations of the company globally can be brought on the same page. With the implementation of the One Ford plan, Ford’s performance … Read more

Ford motors Five Forces Analysis

 Porter’s ‘Five Forces’ Analysis of Ford Motors

The automotives industry is marked by intense competition. Here, any brand must focus on innovation to retain its market share.  Over the last few years, Ford has performed excellently in this area.  Its revival has been based on excellent leadership and technological innovation. The credit of its renovation goes to Mulally’s leadership. He led the company through difficult times. His One Ford plan successfully reversed the fortunes of the motors giant.

Since then, the automotive brand has not looked backwards. The one Ford plan was a focused effort. It synchronized the efforts and performance of the brand globally. Since then, Ford has performed quite well against rival brands. Mulally brought out the hidden technological talent inside Ford. During the process, the company underwent a profound cultural change. Now, the motors giant aims to grab the leadership position in the industry.

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