What are the other bets of Alphabet

Alphabet is a large group of companies. Excluding Google, the other subsidiaries of Alphabet are collectively known as other bets. These other bets are mostly the innovative ideas from X, Alphabet’s moonshot incubator.

Supply chain management at Google.

Supply Chain innovation at Google – Developing a Smart and Responsible Supply Chain Google is one of the tech leaders whose business empire extends globally to every corner of the world. Its parent company is Alphabet and CEO Sunder Pichai. The growing use of internet throughout the world has helped Google grow its business empire … Read more

Google Corporate Strategy Analysis

                 Corporate Strategy Analysis of Google Introduction Google (Parent company: Alphabet; NASDAQ: GOOGL) is a leading name in the world of Information technology. Search engine, doodles, Chrome browser, Google Maps and webstore, several of its online products have turned it into a household name. Apart from a user … Read more

Alphabet SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Google (Alphabet) #Introduction: Alphabet, the parent company of Google is among the leading players in the technology industry. Its core business is Google but apart from Google, the brand also owns several other businesses many of them unrelated to its core business. Despite being a young brand, it has achieved faster growth … Read more

Alphabet Strategic Analysis

– Alphabet Inc Strategic Analysis – Introduction: Till now Google has been known for everything unconventional. This has also been the spirit behind its foundation. Apart from its search engine, the brand has brought several more unconventional things to our world including Android and Google maps and will continue to bring more in future. Alphabet is … Read more

Who are the competitors of google

The brand that owns the smartest search engine in the world is also known for its Android Mobile operating system which is used across a very large number of cellphones and mobile devices. Google’s search engine holds the largest market share followed by Microsoft’s Bing.  Apart from that, Google is also a competitor of Microsoft and … Read more

Alphabet Sales and marketing expenses

Sales and marketing expenses of Alphabet Alphabet is the parent company of Google. The following table shows its marketing expenses from 2013 to 2017. Move to the bottom to read about its sales and marketing expenses in 2018. [table id=130 /] The sales and marketing expenses of Alphabet mainly include the advertising and promotion expenses … Read more

Alphabet Number of employees

Number of employees at Alphabet Inc. Alphabet is the parent company of Google. The following table shows the number of employees at Alphabet from 2004-2017. [table id=129 /] As per the Annual Report of Alphabet for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017, the number of its full time employees was 80,110. (As of December … Read more

Alphabet Research and Development Expenses

Research and Development Expenses of Alphabet (2013-2018) The following table shows the research and development expenses of Alphabet Inc (Parent company of Google) from 2013 to 2018 Q1. [table id=128 /] Google’s most important focus is innovation and it has continued to make huge investments in this area. Alphabet is the parent company of Google. … Read more

Google Advertising Revenue

Advertising Revenue of Google 2002-2017 The following table presents the advertising revenue of Google in million dollars from 2002-2017. [table id=126 /] Advertising is the main source of revenue for Google. In 2017, its revenue from  advertising increased by 16 Billion dollars approximately as compared to the previous year. Its 2017 advertising revenue was around  … Read more

Revenue of Google

Google Revenue 2000-2017 The following table shows the total revenue earned by Google from 2000-2017 [table id=125 /] The revenue of Google has increased per year at a very fast rate. In 2017, it earned 109.65 Billion dollars in revenue which was around 20 Billion dollars higher than the previous year. In 2016 its revenue … Read more

Sources of Google’s Competitive Advantage

Google’s Competitive Advantage – How sustainable?   Apart from being one of the most valuable brands of the world, Google is best known for its efficient search engine and a vast empire that extends to every corner of the world and rests on innovative technology. It is one of the leading names in the world … Read more

Innovative marketing strategy of Google: A case study

 Google’s Innovative Marketing Strategy: How marketing helps build brand equity and find faster growth?   Google’s global reach has made people twist their minds over its marketing strategy and whether it has one. World’s most popular search engine does have a marketing and branding strategy. At a deeper look, you will find its focus on … Read more

Google Generic and Intensive Strategies

Generic and Intensive Growth Strategies Used by Google   Google is the number one search engine in the world. In a limited time, it has acquired the leadership position in the business world. Apart from being one of  the most valued companies, the brand is also known for technological innovation and has retained the lion’s … Read more

An Analysis of Google’s organizational culture

An analysis of Organizational Culture at Google There are three important things that are absolutely outstanding about Google’s culture. They are risk taking, innovation and employee friendliness. At Google, the employees are challenged to take risks. Its foundation was laid on innovation and creativity is built into the brand’s DNA. However, it is known not … Read more

Google Pestel/PESTLE Analysis

A PESTEL/PESTLE analysis of Google   Google is famous as a search engine but the brand has extended its presence in several other new areas too in the recent years. From email to maps, cellphones, laptops and cloud services, Google makes and provides a wide range of products and services meant for individuals and businesses. … Read more

Disney Five Forces Analysis

Five Forces Analysis of Disney Five Forces analysis of Walt Disney Company Disney is among the largest media and entertainment companies of the world. However, apart from that  it is also a familiar name across the globe that has acquired immense popularity and  particularly among the kids. The entire Disney experience is a unique experience in … Read more

Google’s Human Resource Management Strategy

Google’s HRM: A Look at the Tech Giant’s Strategy, Policies and Practices. Human capital and its management has become more important than ever in the 21st century. However, very few are ‘good as Google‘ (Parent company – Alphabet) at managing people. Google has proved that it relies upon innovation in every aspect of its business, even … Read more

Google Marketing Mix

 Marketing Mix of Google Google’s name has become a synonym for search. However, apart from search engine, Google is active in other areas too.  There is a tall list of products and services made by Google. Android phones, tablets, social media, mail, internet browser and the list of Google products goes on. If you work … Read more

Mission and Vision Statement analysis of Google

An analysis of Mission and vision statements of Google:   Mission and vision both are important for running an organization as per its objectives and towards a healthy future. A mission simply means the mission the company is trying to achieve or the cause it stands for. A  vision is how the company visualizes its future. It … Read more