SWOT Analysis of Apple Iphone

Apple I-phone swot analysis

In the first quarter of 2017, Apple sold 78.29 million I-phones, creating revenue of $54.378 billion. Compared to Apple’s performance in the same quarter last year, this is a rise of 5 percent. This performance is exemplary and it shows that I-phone 7 has been given a warm welcome by the Apple fans. However, several articles on the web also suggest that the I-phone 7 or I-phone 7 plus is not a major update over I-phone 6s. While the PC market has kept falling, the smart-phone market has seen sharp growth over the past years. It seems the I-phone would be able to make up for the loss in PC market for Apple. It is one of the most popular smart-phones globally whose each model gets its due share of publicity before and after release. This is a SWOT analysis that discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Apple’s renowned I-phone. Apple’s smart-phone is facing heavy competition and still it has continued to beat it based on its innovative and smart features. Here is more about the most loved smart-phone ( Iphone).


  • Brand advantage – Apple is a global brand and among the most valuable brands of the world. That gives its products a distinct advantage and most of its products are not just popular but are leading in the market like the I-phone. This brand advantage gives the I-phone an edge over the other smart-phones in the market.
  • Apps and features for personal and professional use : The I-phone comes loaded with apps meant for personal and professional use. There are music and entertainment apps and also several apps that IT professionals can use and which are generally not found on the other smart-phones.
  • Investment in Branding and marketing : Apple invests a lot in branding and marketing. The I-phone is marketed over the internet and Television. However. Due to the brand image and size of Apple it already gets a lot of exposure and publicity.
  • Powerful and efficient : Apple I-phone is not just smart, it is powerful and efficient like hell.
  • Battery life: I-phone has longer battery life. In the newest models, this feature has been improved further.
  • High tech camera for better pictures and videos
  • Retina HD display with 3d touch
  • Touch id and apple pay : These are some features found in the newest versions and which again prove Apple’s focus on innovation and user convenience.
  • Growing worldwide sales : Apple’s sales have grown worldwide and particularly in China. Now, it is focusing on the Indian market too.


  • High price : The biggest weakness of the I-phone for which it remains unaffordable and inaccessible for many is its price.
  • Non removable battery – The battery in the I-phone is non removable which is considered a major con of the Iphone.
  • No headphone jack in I-phone 7s – Headphone jacks have been removed from the new Iphone 7s.


  • Growing popularity in Asian markets: The popularity of the I-phone is growing in the Asian markets and this presents an important opportunity before Apple.
  • Always space for more innovation : I-phone is an innovative smart-phone loaded with excellent features but still there is always space for more innovation and Apple can make it more user friendly.


  • Competition from other cheaper priced smart-phone models : A number of other smart-phone models with large screens have also grown highly popular in the global market. Samsung and HTC are some of the primary competitors of Apple’s I-phone in this regard. Google has also introduced its smart-phone in an affordable price range.
  • Competition from android OS – Apple’s IOS faces heavy competition from the Android OS and Android’s lead over the IOS continues. This is a war between the two giants and currently Android is enjoying the leading position in the market.


First quarter of 2017 has been highly profitable for Apple as its I-phone sales and revenue has seen a rise over the past year. Apple has continued to improve the apps and features found on its I-phone. From the HD retina display and Apple pay to smarter camera and video solutions to the professional apps, it comes loaded with features meant for user convenience. In the Asian markets, its popularity has increased and now Apple is eyeing the Indian market to grow Iphone sales. I-phone is not just smarter, it is really a powerful and efficient smart-phone. While several critics said that the new IPhone 7s was not a major update over the previous models, its sales prove that Apple fans have loved it. There is enough reason for them to do so. Their favorite smart-phone comes stuffed with much more than they expect.