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                How to submit articles to Cheshnotes:

(Sorry! We are not accepting guest posts right now. We will let you know once we start accepting them again.)

Essays/articles should be longer than 800 words, with proper grammar and based on current data and research. (Articles longer than 1000 words are more likely to be considered for publication.)

Use only good resources and cite them either inside the article or at the bottom. (Include a list of resources used at the bottom).

If you want to include an image, please include its link or the picture itself (cite the source and the link from which you obtained the picture). Use pictures only from the public domain or leave it to us to include a suitable picture.

We can also edit and extend the article as we consider suitable. Thanks!

                                              Areas in which you can write:

English Literature


Business Management

Human Resource Management



Psychology and more … related to education… (check this Sample guest post

Please submit only in-depth articles ( based on current research for publication. Use only good quality resources like news sites, business news sites, educational websites, etc (HBR, WSJ, NewYork Times, …). Kindly do not submit promotional articles. Mail your article to [email protected] Include a brief author bio. (A few lines only; if you like a link to your personal blog or a short – a few lines long – pitch) Or just drop us a mail with the topic you selected before you start writing. Thanks Again! Keep writing!!