Best Buy Number of Employees

Best Buy is a US retail brand, incorporated in the State of Minnesota in 1966. Now, it is a leading provider of technology products, services and solutions with retail operations in US, Canada and Mexico. Employees at Best Buy 2010-2018 Year Employees 2018 1,25,000 2017 1,25,000 2016 1,25,000 2015 1,25,000 2014 1,40,000 2013 1,65,000 2012 … Read moreBest Buy Number of Employees

Netflix Marketing and advertising expenses

The marketing and advertising expenses of Netflix have grown in the recent years with growing memberships and revenue. As an entertainment company, the brand has to spend a large part of its revenue on advertising and promotions. total marketing expenditure of the brand grew to 1278 Million dollars. Out of the total marketing expenses the … Read moreNetflix Marketing and advertising expenses