Rotana Hotels Marketing Mix – Seven P’s. 

Marketing Mix of Rotana Hotels – Middle Eastern Hospitality Brand.

Company Name: Rotana Hotels
Industry: Travel & Tourism (Hospitality)
President & CEO: Guy Hutchinson (Since 2020)
Main Market: Middle East
Services: 3 Star+, 4 & 5 Star hotels (affordable to luxury).
Main Attraction: Large range of choices for visitors.
Head Office: Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Founded: 1992.
Founders: Nasser Al Nowais & Selim El Zyr.
Other company-owned websites:, &

2.Rotana Vision Statement
To be the Leading Hospitality Management Company recognized for its unique blend of world-class standards with genuine hospitality and for its truly treasured experiences provided for guests, colleagues, and owners.
3.Rotana Values:

L – Long Term relationships.
I – Innovative services:
F – Friendly and passionate people.
E – Ethical business practices.
4.Brand Mark (logo):
Stylized image of a rare species of palm tree called phoenix dactylifera found in Madinah, Saudi Arabia (considered sacred for its life-sustaining properties).
5.Products & Services:

3 Star+ to 4 & 5 Star residential hotels including alcohol-free Rayhaan.
Owns a portfolio of 5 brands: 
Rotana Hotels & Resorts.
– Arjaan Hotels and Apartments.
– Centro Hotels.
– Rayhaan Hotels & Resorts.
– The Residences by Rotana.

Introduced the franchise model in 2019.
5 franchises as of 2019.
Manages a portfolio of 68 properties and plans to expand to 80 by 2020.
Offers a large and varied range of lodging options for guests including business & family from short to long vacations. 
Services are also classed based on the type of vacation like family, leisure, romantic, golf, business and cultural.
Visitors have several choices to enjoy a perfect stay in the areas Rotana serves. 
Services also include a large array of award-winning dining outlets.
Rotana Hotels and Resorts has its head office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  
Other Key Destinations with Rotana Properties: 
Bahrain, Bosnia & Herzegovina, DR of Congo, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & Sudan.
Plans to open properties in Angola, Iran, Kuwait, Nigeria & Morocco.
These hotels and resorts mainly target the needs of the guests and the type of stay.
Rotana’s pricing structure for each class of service differs based upon the type of stay from short to very long and level of luxury. 
Services are priced along a spectrum of affordable to premium luxury.
The main focus is to provide higher convenience at competitive prices suiting the guests’ needs and preferences.
Visitors also have the option to upgrade to the premium luxury grade of services called ‘Club Rotana’. 
It also offers its customers discounts, benefits, loyalty points, and rewards. 
Mainly Digital Channels. 
Main promotional channels include the company-owned websites and social media 
Social Media Profiles:

Maintains focus on brand image.
Rotana is one of the leading hospitality brands in the Middle East, Eastern Europe & Turkey.
Has earned strong recognition for its unique range of hospitality products and services.
Has received a large number of awards including World Travel Awards, Business Traveller Middle East and UK Awards.
9.Physical Evidence:
The company operates in the hospitality industry ( an intangible class of services). Visitors can book services online and get pdf copies of payment details. 
Rotana app offers its visitors the convenience to book and manage their stay from their mobile phones.
Rotana is led by President & CEO Guy Hutchinson and has a large and talented pool of executives.
 According to Linked In, Rotana has more than 10,000 employees.
The company has formed partnerships with several leading airlines in the Gulf region. President & CEO Guy Hutchinson heads the hotel’s global operations. The international operations of the company are divided into functional and geographical segments. Area Vice Presidents handle a cluster of geographical segments. Various functions from sales to marketing and others have Corporate Vice Presidents heading their operations.
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