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RayBan Marketing Mix


Rayban is the best known eyewear brand of the world made famous by celebrities.  It is among the leading brands in the portfolio of Luxxotica. The global fame of Ray Ban is a result of its focus upon quality, design and style. While there are several more popular brands in Luxxotica’s portfolio, Ray Ban clearly stands out for its popularity and a large global audience. It has remained a leader in eyewear and  sunglasses for generations. RayBan became a part of Luxxotica in 1999 and since then it has achieved faster growth. The brand was originally started by Bausch and Lomb in 1937. Luxxotica has more brands in its portfolio some of which compete with Ray Ban.

Despite its popularity, RayBan also focuses on marketing and runs campaigns to drive sales and grow the excitement among its fans.  It is the largest brand in the portfolio of Luxxotica which accounted for 27% of the net sales in 2018.

Read this marketing mix to know about the four P’s of Ray-Ban – Product, Place, Price and Promotion.

Product :-

Ray-Ban has brought a large range of sunglasses and eyewear to the market. The brand is particularly well known for its aviator sunglasses. The aviator model was released for the United States Army. However, it acquired global fame and became the most loved eyewear of celebrities and public figures. The Ray-Ban range of sunglasses includes aviator, wayfarer, Ferrari, Clubmaster, Justin and Erika.  Apart from these, the brand has also brought more collections and eyeglasses. RayBan products have both quality and style. Luxxotica is an innovative brand that has made and continues to make improvements to the existing Ray-Ban range of glasses.

Place :-

RayBan is the largest brand in Luxxotica’s portfolio which is made up of several brands. In the recent years, the company has focused upon expanding its distribution channels. The focus of Luxxotica’s wholesale distribution is customer differentiation, customized service and new sales channels, like large department stores, travel retail and e-commerce, as well as continuous penetration into new markets.  Overtime, Luxxotica has also expanded its distribution channel through acquisition of new brands like Oakley, The United States Shoe Corporation and others. Ray-Ban products are available in a large number of stores all over the world.  Apart from that there are websites that cater to the regional markets and exclusive channels which ships to customers globally.

Price :-

RayBan is a premium brand that is targeted mainly at the high end segment of the market. Its premium pricing strategy is backed by its market dominating position and superb quality. The premium pricing of RayBan products is also related to the premium image of the brand. The high popularity of the brand also gives it extra bargaining power in terms of pricing. Moreover, its designs and style are a major attraction which continue to drive demand and help at maintaining price level. Its popularity is just so high that  the brand never had any problem due to prices. The demand level remains high because the brand itself is considered an example of luxury and style.

Promotion :-

RayBan has dominated the eyewear market owing to its style. It is a brand that was made popular by celebs from various walks of life including politics and cinema. The brand also engages its audience through promotional campaigns. In 2018, it ran a campaign called “Proud To Belong”.  The core theme of this campaign was to trace one’s roots and to rediscover oneself. The brand also relaunched two of its seminal styles with the campaign – the Meteor and the Nina – which were created during the 1960’s. RayBan also uses other digital channels for promotion including its own website and other e-commerce sites. In addition to deepen and strengthen its relationship with its customers, the brand launched customization services, RayBan remix which provides global deliveries. Social media is also an important marketing and customer engagement channel for RayBan. There is a large band of

Conclusion :-

RayBan’s trendy collections are popular around the globe. As an eyewear brand, it would need little introduction in any market. However, apart from its style and design the brand is also known for product quality. Its distinct image and the signature logo set it apart from its competition in a distinct class of itself. Since, it was acquired by Luxxotica, the brand continues to grow its range of products and add new styles and designs. It engages its fans and audience through marketing campaigns from time to time which are intended to renew interest in the products and the brand. In the eyewear market, RayBan continues to rule and despite its premium pricing strategy, its popularity remains unaffected.