Function and applications of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

CONTENTS Industrial & Organizational Psychology What the I/O psychologists do? Applications of I/O Psychology. Techniques used by I/O psychologists and their goals. Career Fields for I/O psychologists How to become an I/O psychologist? Specialized Knowledge Case of Dr Kathryn Keeton (I/O psychologist NASA) What is Industrial and Organizational Psychology? Industrial and organizational psychology is a … Read moreFunction and applications of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and underlying principles

Stress and a large number of psychological issues are troubling people all around the world. People use medications and various forms of psychological treatments to overcome these problems including PTSD, Depression, anxiety and several more. Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological treatment that has been found to be highly effective at treating … Read moreCognitive Behavioural Therapy and underlying principles

Brief History of Psychology

A Brief History of psychology: Most important developments since its foundation Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, particularly the ones affecting human behaviour. However, psychology also studies human behavior and the processes behind it. Still, there is little agreement among scholars over¬†whether psychology is a scientific study. … Read moreBrief History of Psychology