Panasonic PESTEL Analysis

                                   PESTEL Analysis of  Panasonic  Panasonic is a Japan based world famous brand of consumer electronics. However, its business is not confined to a single area and it has diversified into housing as well as automotives and B2B. The brand is in a financially strong position and has been doing very well in the Asian countries … Read morePanasonic PESTEL Analysis

Burger King PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis

Burger King PESTEL ANALYSIS   Burger King is among one of the most well known fast food brands in the world. The fast food brand has an impressive global presence and is found across 100 countries and US territories. Given the number of Burger King restaurants open worldwide, it is the second largest fast food … Read moreBurger King PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis

PESTEL Analysis of the E-Commerce Industry

   A PESTEL ANALYSIS OF THE E-COMMERCE INDUSTRY The Ecommerce industry has seen immense growth in the recent years and apart from some fluctuations in the global economy like demonetization in India, the situation has remained favorable for its growth. China and US are the largest of the e-markets. However, growth rate is expected to … Read morePESTEL Analysis of the E-Commerce Industry

Citibank PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis

               Citibank PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis Citibank is one of the most well known names in the world of finance globally. Apart from brand recognition, its global expansion and financial strength are also worth noting. The financial brand has undergone some major changes during the year 2015. Apart from having grown simpler, the brand has also grown stronger … Read moreCitibank PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis