Problems with integrating technology in the classroom

Hurdles to Integrating Technology in the Classroom Technological advancements have happened at  a very fast pace in the twenty first century and like every other field, education has also benefitted from the proliferation of digital technology. The growth of online education has led to changing structure and composition of classrooms. The benefits are not limited … Read moreProblems with integrating technology in the classroom

Applications, advantages and disadvantages of Nanotechnology

Nano technology: Applications, advantages and disadvantages Nano-technology is currently among the most advanced fields of science and like every advanced field, it is full of both risks and opportunities. While several government and private bodies are making are investments in research and development in this area, the potential it holds is immeasurable. Apart from its … Read moreApplications, advantages and disadvantages of Nanotechnology

Research design and its types: Exploratory, descriptive and causal

Research designs in marketing research and their types: Exploratory, descriptive and causal A common definition of research is gathering and analysing information systematically. After having set the objectives of research, the next step is to decide the research design which best suits the research objectives. It is on the basis of the research design that … Read moreResearch design and its types: Exploratory, descriptive and causal

Non Probability sampling & its types

What is Non Probability sampling? Highlight its types. Non Probability sampling unlike probability sampling does not offer all the subjects equal chances of being selected. True random sampling is always difficult to perform because the researchers are bound by time, money and other constraints which inevitably leads to them using another sampling technique called non probability … Read moreNon Probability sampling & its types

Probability Sampling and its types

What is Probability sampling? What are its types? Probability sampling is a sampling technique that allows each participant equal chances of of being selected in the process of sampling. The researcher uses methods of sampling that guarantees each subject equal opportunity of being selected. It is achieved by using the process of randomisation. This helps … Read moreProbability Sampling and its types