Number of employees at Audi

Number of employees at Audi

The number of employees at Audi has increased by around 20000 over the last five years. In 2017 the number of employees working forAudi was 91,231. This represented an increase of close to 3000 over the previous year.  Out of these 13672 people were employed in the Research and development department. the number of people in research and development had increased by 110 over the previous year.

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How much does Audi spend on its employees?

The table below shows Audi’s personnel costs for last five years. Check out how much Audi spent each year on its employees.

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Audi’s personnel costs include wages and salaries as well as social insurance and expenses for retirement benefits and pension plans. In 2017, its personnel costs reached 7219 million Euros or 8.9 Billion US dollars. (With 90,000 employees, the average personnel cost comes to around 99000 dollars.) This represents a rise of around 500 million euros and around 600 million dollars in personnel costs over the previous year. From 2013 to 2017, there has been a rise of around 1.5 Billion Euros or 2.1 Billion US dollars in the personnel costs of Audi.


The data is sourced from the annual reports of Audi available at the investors website of Volkswagen.

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