AI to improve value chain across industry sectors

How AI can improve value chain across sectors? The promises and perils of AI have for long been the focus of discussion in media and business circles. While the adoption of AI is growing, it is currently limited mainly to the tech world. The largest technology companies are at the frontier of the AI revolution. … Read moreAI to improve value chain across industry sectors

DELL Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis of Dell Technologies INTRODUCTION: Dell is known worldwide as a major computing and IT brand. Michael Dell founded the company in 1984. He remained the CEO of Dell from the year of foundation till 2004. Again he resumed his position as chairman and CEO in 2007. Dell is among the top players in … Read moreDELL Strategic Analysis

Dell Value Chain Analysis

VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS OF DELL Technologies The concept of value chain was given by Michael E Porter of Harvard University. Value Chain includes all the activities from product conception to marketing, sales and after sales service. It is a useful model that allows managers to understand how each activity described in the model is adding … Read moreDell Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis of Toyota Motors

#VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS OF TOYOTA MOTORS: Toyota is a global brand of vehicles known for its excellent production and supply chain capabilities. The Japan based brand is also known for having built an excellent level of trust among its customers. Toyota has managed its value chain very well. The value chain includes the entire stage … Read moreValue Chain Analysis of Toyota Motors

Alphabet Value Chain analysis

Value Chain analysis of Alphabet:-   Alphabet is among the leading technology companies of the world. The brand has achieved a lot of growth in the past several years. However, a key to successful growth is the successful management of value chain. This is an analysis of the value chain management of Alphabet. A value … Read moreAlphabet Value Chain analysis

Alphabet Strategic Analysis

– Alphabet Inc Strategic Analysis –   Introduction: Till now Google has been known for everything unconventional. This has also been the spirit behind its foundation. Apart from its search engine, the brand has brought several more unconventional things to our world including  Android and Google maps and will continue to bring more in future. … Read moreAlphabet Strategic Analysis

HP Value Chain Analysis

 Value chain analysis of Hewlett Packard: Value chain plays a critical role in the productivity of a business. Michael Porter’s value chain model helps managers understand the role of value chain and manage it at each and every stage. From product conception to final sales and after sales service, all the stages are a part … Read moreHP Value Chain Analysis