Tesla Number of Employees

Number of Tesla Employees 2011-2017 The following table shows the number of employees working for Tesla between 2011 and 2017. Automotive and technological industries are marked by heavy competition. In this highly competitive environment skilled employee are like an asset and brands compete to hire and retain the best for themselves. In the last five … Read moreTesla Number of Employees

Tesla Gross Profit

Gross Profits of Tesla Motors 2009-2017 The following table shows the gross profit of Tesla 2009-2017. Tesla is a leading brand in the area of sustainable technology. Apart from making eco-friendly and electrical cars, it also makes and sells solar energy generation and storage systems. The revenue and profits of the brand have grown very … Read moreTesla Gross Profit

Tesla Revenue per Year

Tesla revenue Per Year 2007 to 2017 The revenue of Tesla has continued to grow fast. Apart from Automotive sales and leasing, the brand also earns from services as well as energy generation and storage products.  From 2 billion dollars in 2013, the brand has reached 11 billion dollars in 2017. Revenue from sales and … Read moreTesla Revenue per Year

Tesla Research & Development Expenses

Research and Development Expenses for Tesla since 2006 (in thousand dollars) CHECK OUT LATEST DATA HERE Tesla’s R& D expenses in 2017 stood at 1.38 billions which was more than 5 times that in 2011. In 2012 its R&D expenses were only 273 millions.  For both 2017 and 2016, Tesla’s R&D expenses were 12% of … Read moreTesla Research & Development Expenses