Starbucks number of employees

Starbucks Employees Domestic and International 2001-18 The following table shows number of Starbucks employees 2007-18. Starbucks employees worldwide as of September 30, 2018 – 291,000. Starbucks employees US – 191,000 people. Approximately 183,000 in company-operated stores and 8,000 in support facilities, store development, and roasting, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. Outside of the U.S. – … Read moreStarbucks number of employees

Starbucks Stores Worldwide

Starbucks Number of Stores Worldwide 2001- 2017 Starbucks’ entire business is distributed across four reportable segments that  include  1) Americas, which is inclusive of the U.S., Canada, and Latin America; 2) China/Asia Pacific (“CAP”); 3) Europe, Middle East, and Africa (“EMEA”) and 4) Channel Development (Starbucks Annual Report 2017).  Apart from it, the brand has  … Read moreStarbucks Stores Worldwide

Starbucks Marketing and Advertising expenses

Marketing and Advertising costs of Starbucks 2007-2018   Traditionally, Starbucks is known to have relied less on advertising gimmicks for growth. Most of its marketing was based on the brand’s popularity arising from great quality and flavor of its coffee, unmatched customer service and an excellent store environment. These things have always created more than … Read moreStarbucks Marketing and Advertising expenses

Starbucks Net Revenue by Year

Starbucks Net Revenue from 1997 to 2017   [visualizer id=”12021″] The net revenue of Starbucks has continued to rise consistently year on year. Except for a small drop in 2009 over previous year, this rise  has been consistent. It released its financial results for full year 2017 in 2018 February. The revenue for this  fiscal … Read moreStarbucks Net Revenue by Year