Research and development at Intel: Key Focus areas

Introduction: Intel is a leading technology brand. The Intel Inside logo found on more desktops and PCs has made it famous all over the world. The company is also among the fortune top 50 brands.  In the recent years, the company has changed its business model from a PC centric model to a data centric … Read moreResearch and development at Intel: Key Focus areas

Samsung Sources of Competitive Advantage

Introduction Samsung is a leading electronics brand with a formidable presence in the smartphones and tablet market. Apart from that, it has also acquired a leading position in the consumer electronics market. Despite the heavy competition in the smartphone and consumer electronics industry, Samsung has maintained its leading position due to its focus on technological … Read moreSamsung Sources of Competitive Advantage

Twitter Research and Development Expenses

Research and Development expenses of Twitter 2010-2017 The following table shows the research and development expenses of Twitter from 2010-17. In the past three years, Twitter has seen significant financial growth. Its net losses have also decreased considerably in the meantime. Concerns related to social media and user privacy have grown causing higher regulatory pressure … Read moreTwitter Research and Development Expenses

HP R&D costs

Research and Development costs of Hewlett Packard (HP) 2002-2017 The table above includes the research and development costs of HP Inc from 2014 to 2017 and that of HP Inc and its subsidiaries from  2002-2015. Hewlett Packard and Hewlett Packard Enterprises  separated in 2015. HP is  a leading provider of PC and other access devices, … Read moreHP R&D costs