Inditex personnel Costs

Personnel Costs of Inditex 2006-2017 Check out how much Inditex spends on wages, salaries, pension and other employment related expenses from the following table. This table includes the personnel costs of Inditex from 2006 to 2017 in Million Euros. INDITEX 2017: Apart from being the leading fashion brand of the world, Inditex is also a … Read moreInditex personnel Costs

Samsung Personnel Costs

Samsung Personnel Costs 2010-2018 The following table shows the personnel costs (wages, salaries & Pension) of Samsung from 2010 to 2018. Sums are in Trillion Korean Won. YEAR. WAGES & SALARIES. (TRILLION KRW) PENSION (TRILLION KRW) 2018. 22.7 Tr KRW 0.96 Tr. KRW 2017. 22.4 Tr KRW 0.98 Tr KRW 2016 19.3 1.2 2015 18.4 … Read moreSamsung Personnel Costs