Bandura’s Social Learning Theory

Bandura’s Social Learning Theory   Albert Bandura, was born in December, 1925 in Canada. He is well-known for his social learning theory. Recently, he renamed the theory social cognitive theory. Bandura is generally known as a cognitive psychologist. It is mainly because of his focus on motivational factors and other mechanisms related to a person’s social behaviour. … Read moreBandura’s Social Learning Theory

Social facilitation theory

SOCIAL FACILITATION THEORY   Social psychology deals with our everyday lives and social dynamics. It is the study of how people think or influence others. People’s relationships or how they relate with others is also an important topic in it. The beginning of social psychology is marked by the social facilitation theory. It was Norman Triplett … Read moreSocial facilitation theory

How to conduct a SWOT analysis

What should I include in a SWOT analysis?


A SWOT analysis is ordinarily seen as an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of  a business. It is also known as internal external analysis or TOWS analysis. Many times people are lost upon where to start from. One should start his research from the company or brand’s background to get a good understanding of what the business does. To know a brand’s strengths and opportunities, one should first understand its market position.

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Apple Marketing strategy

Marketing Secrets of Apple Apple is known not just for its unequalled products but also for its matchless marketing strategy. For years continuously, it has been voted as one of the top most marketers of the world. Known most for product quality, Apple is equally good at marketing. A strong marketing strategy has several aspects. … Read moreApple Marketing strategy

SWOT analysis of Audi (Premium car brand) 2016

SWOT Analysis of Audi 2016 (with Infographics)   Presented here is a SWOT analysis of Audi: Compared to most tier two luxury car brands, Audi’s position in the market has ascended rapidly. While the others struggled to gain a market share, Audi surged ahead faster. In key markets globally, it emerged as a powerful challenger for … Read moreSWOT analysis of Audi (Premium car brand) 2016