Nike business model

Introduction: Nike is a leading brand of sports shoes, apparel and equipment. It was incorporated in 1967 under the laws of the State of Oregon. The brand is the largest seller of footwear and apparel globally. Apart from its branded retail stores, the company also sells its products online as well as through independent distributors. … Read moreNike business model

Nike Mission statement:

A brief analysis of Nike’s Mission Statement Nike is the champ of the sports shoe and apparel industry. The company has acquired impressive growth globally through consistent focus upon quality and customer experience. As a sports brand, Nike has created a distinct position for itself in the global market through excellent marketing as well. The … Read moreNike Mission statement:

Nike Resources and Capabilities

Nike resources and Capabilities. Nike is a leading sports shoe and apparel brand. The company has built a strong global presence. It serves its customers through several sales channels including company owned stores and online channels. Nike’s market dominant position in the sports shoe industry is based on several sources of competitive advantage. The company … Read moreNike Resources and Capabilities

Nike Sources of Competitive Advantage

What are the sources of Nike’s (sports shoe and apparel brand) competitive advantage?   INTRODUCTION:- Nike is an international brand of athletic wear, including shoes and apparel as well as equipment. The brand is known mainly for its stylish and great quality products. The company is equally strong in terms of marketing. It has maintained … Read moreNike Sources of Competitive Advantage

Nike Revenue from Jordan Brand

Nike Revenue from Jordan brand 2014-18   2018 Revenue from Jordan was $2.9 Billion compared to 3.1 Billion for 2017. About Nike: Nike is an international brand of athletic footwear, sports apparel, accessories and equipment. It sells products in six key categories – Running, NIKE Basketball, the Jordan Brand, Football (Soccer), Training and Sportswear. Apart from … Read moreNike Revenue from Jordan Brand