Netflix Marketing and advertising expenses

The marketing and advertising expenses of Netflix have grown in the recent years with growing memberships and revenue. As an entertainment company, the brand has to spend a large part of its revenue on advertising and promotions. total marketing expenditure of the brand grew to 1278 Million dollars. Out of the total marketing expenses the … Read moreNetflix Marketing and advertising expenses

How marketing is evolving with data & analytics

Growing Role of Data in Marketing  Marketing is a fast-evolving field and particularly digital marketing has evolved at a very fast pace in the recent years. Every marketer knows that his biggest challenge is to beat customers’ expectations. In this regard, the biggest friend of every marketer is data. Marketers are managing large volumes of data to generate actionable insights and … Read moreHow marketing is evolving with data & analytics

Nintendo Social Media Marketing Strategy

Introduction:- The famous Nintendo was founded in the year 1933 as an unlimited partnership as Yamauchi Nintendo & Co.  Fusajiro Yamauchi, the founder started manufacturing Hanafuda Japanese playing cards in Kyoto in 1889. It is  a leading name in the field of home entertainment and gaming. The company has grown into a major brand of … Read moreNintendo Social Media Marketing Strategy

Samsung Marketing expenses

Marketing expenses of Samsung 2010-2018 The following table shows the marketing expenses of samsung (advertising and sales promotion costs) from 2010 to 2018. The sums are in Trillion Korean Won. YEAR ADVERTISING EXPENSES (TRILLION KRW) SALES PROMOTION (TRILLION KRW) 2018 4 Tr. KRW 7.1 Tr. KRW 2017 5.4 Tr KRW 7.3 Tr KRW 2016 4.4 … Read moreSamsung Marketing expenses

BMW Selling Expenses

Selling Expenses of BMW Group: 2012 – 2017 Check out latest data How much does BMW spend on Marketing, advertising and sales? The following table shows the selling expenses of BMW from 2012 to 2017. The selling expenses of BMW include mainly the marketing, advertising and sales personnel costs. For the last five years (2013-17), … Read moreBMW Selling Expenses

Pepsi Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy of Pepsi Pepsi is one of the leading brands in the soda industry. Rivalled only by Coca Cola, it is a global brand with products selling across more than 200 countries. The company has a large product portfolio that  includes 22 Billion dollar brands or brands that  earn more than a … Read morePepsi Social Media Marketing Strategy