Hyundai Motors Marketing expenses

Marketing expenses of Hyundai Motors The automotive industry is marked by intense competition and it is why apart from focusing on innovation in manufacturing and distribution, brands also invest a lot in R&D and marketing. Marketing has become all the more crucial in he 21st century because of the crowd of automotive brands in the … Read moreHyundai Motors Marketing expenses

Hyundai Motors Number of Employees

Number of Employees at Hyundai Motors By the end of 2016, the company had 118320 employees of which 66890 were employed in Korea. 57% of its total workforce at the end of 2016 was employed at Korea. Remaining 51410 were employed at the overseas business sites. Most of them were employees recruited locally. In 2016, … Read moreHyundai Motors Number of Employees

Hyundai Motors Retail sales

Retail sales of Hyundai Motors 2010-2016 (Korea and Overseas) The retail sales of Hyundai vehicles has increased steadily year by year. The brand became the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world within a period of less than fifty years. From 2010 to 2016, the sales of Hyundai cars has increased by 1.2 million. In … Read moreHyundai Motors Retail sales

Research and Development Costs of Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motors Research and Development Expenses Research and development is an important focus at Hyundai Motors. The automotive industry has grown highly competitive in the 21st century and brands are investing heavily in research and development so as to bring to market new technologies and products that  improve the user experience and keep their businesses … Read moreResearch and Development Costs of Hyundai Motors