Number of Employees at Facebook

Number of Facebook Employees 2012-2017 The following table shows the number of employees at Facebook from 2012 to 2017. The technology industry is marked by intense competition and for a brand to remain competitive, it must be able to attract talented employees and retain them. Particularly, software engineers, designers and product managers are very important … Read moreNumber of Employees at Facebook

Starbucks number of employees

Starbucks Employees Domestic and International 2001-18 The following table shows number of Starbucks employees 2007-18. Starbucks employees worldwide as of September 30, 2018 – 291,000. Starbucks employees US – 191,000 people. Approximately 183,000 in company-operated stores and 8,000 in support facilities, store development, and roasting, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. Outside of the U.S. – … Read moreStarbucks number of employees