McDonalds Sources of Competitive Advantage

CONTENTS Introduction Global Presence Product range and quality Brand equity Customer loyalty Supply chain Marketing Customer Service Conclusion Sources of Competitive Advantage for McDonalds (Global fast food chain) INTRODUCTION :- McDonald’s is a famous fast food brand with operations around the world in more than 100 countries. It is both popular and successful as a … Read moreMcDonalds Sources of Competitive Advantage

Competitors of facebook

Competitors of Facebook Facebook is the leading social media network with more than 2.2 Billion active members. It is among the leading internet businesses of the world like Alphabet (Google) and Amazon. Popularity of the social media network has grown very fast among the next-gen users. They use it to connect with their friends and … Read moreCompetitors of facebook

Competitors of Toyota

 Main Competitors of Toyota Motors Toyota is a major global vehicle brand and a tough competitor for Ford, Hyundai & Volkswagen. It is a globally well known maker of cars, SUVs and electrical vehicles. Toyota has focussed  now on sustainable growth and the production of electrical vehicles that have a very low impact on the … Read moreCompetitors of Toyota