Oracle marketing mix

Introduction: Oracle is a leading IT products and services provider.  It markets and sells its products and services to businesses of various sizes as well as government agencies and educational institutions. Apart from an entire range of cloud offering, the brand also offers applications and infrastructure to help its customers worldwide. Oracle is a well … Read moreOracle marketing mix

SWOT analysis of Alibaba group

Alibaba Group SWOT analysis- Chinese Ecommerce and cloud player Alibaba has swiftly grown to become one of the leading ecommerce and cloud players of China. The company was founded by Jack Ma. Apart from growth in its number of monthly active users, the company has also seen its revenue and profits grow faster. However, Alibaba’s … Read moreSWOT analysis of Alibaba group

Number of employees at IBM

Number of employees working for IBM – 2000-2017 CHECK OUT LATEST DATA HERE The following table shows the number of employees working for IBM (International Business Machines) from 2000-2017. The numbers are in 000s. The technology industry is marked by intense competition and brands need to have skilled employees in order to stay ahead. Hiring … Read moreNumber of employees at IBM

Advertising & Promotions expenses of IBM

How much does IBM spend on marketing – Advertising & Promotions expenses 2001-2017? The following table shows the marketing (advertising & Promotions) expenses of IBM form 2001-2017. The sums are in millions. The technology industry and particularly the cloud industry is marked by heavy competition. The intensifying competition has led to higher spending by these … Read moreAdvertising & Promotions expenses of IBM