Business Growth strategy of Nike: A case study

Nike Business Strategy

Nike (NASDAQ: NKE) is the industry-leading global brand of sports shoes and apparel. It is the most popular brand of sports shoes and apparel and a favorite of millions of customers and fans from around the world. Apart from the other things, the company is known for its great marketing strategy that has turned it … Read more

Digital Transformation at Walmart: A case study.

Walmart (NYSE: WMT), the largest physical retailer based in the United States, has achieved enormous growth over the years through its EDLP pricing strategy and a customer-friendly brand image. In recent years, the company has focused on digitalization to grow sales and improve customer service. Its e-commerce sales have continued to strengthen worldwide. Physical retailers … Read more

McDonald’s Case Study: Cross Functional Collaboration and Organizational Culture.

McDonald’s is a multinational restaurant brand and a leading name in the fast-food industry. It is the second-largest fast-food brand operated mainly by franchisees. The company operates more than 38,000 restaurant stores worldwide. McDonald’s enjoys strong popularity worldwide. The key factors driving its global popularity include menu diversity, competitive pricing, and focus on customer service. … Read more