Major International Car brands

Main Players in International Automotive Industry  Who are the biggest players in the international vehicle industry? The condition of the global automotive industry has improved a lot since the recession.  In the Chinese and US markets , the automotive industry has seen stronger growth since the recession. It is expected that  the sales and profits … Read moreMajor International Car brands

Main Competitors of Nissan Motors

Who are the Main Competitors of Nissan Motors? Nissan is  a major global car brand. North America and China are its biggest markets. The brand achieved sales of 5.6 million vehicles in 2016 and expected to achieve the sales of 5.8 million vehicles in 2017. In 2016, its net sales in North America totalled  2.1 million … Read moreMain Competitors of Nissan Motors

Competitors of Volkswagen (VW)

 Main Competitors of Volkswagen Automobiles Volkswagen is a major global car company which has several brands in its portfolio including luxury brands like Audi. Even after the diesel scandal of 2015, VW has made a strong return in 2016 and 17. There are several reasons behind the strong position of the brand in the market … Read moreCompetitors of Volkswagen (VW)

Competitors of Toyota

 Main Competitors of Toyota Motors Toyota is a major global vehicle brand and a tough competitor for Ford, Hyundai & Volkswagen. It is a globally well known maker of cars, SUVs and electrical vehicles. Toyota has focussed  now on sustainable growth and the production of electrical vehicles that have a very low impact on the … Read moreCompetitors of Toyota

Competitors of Ford Motors

Main Competitors of Ford Motors Ford is among the most renowned car makers of the world.  The company was incorporated in Delaware in 1919. It came into formation through the acquisition of  Ford Motor Company that made and sold vehicles engineered by Henry Ford. Today, Ford Motors Company is a global brand that designs, manufactures, markets, … Read moreCompetitors of Ford Motors

Strategic Analysis of Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motors Strategic Analysis Introduction:             Hyundai is among the leading and most popular automobile manufacturers of the world. The global vehicle brand has grown faster during the recent years mainly due to its focus on technological innovation ability to cater to people’s changing tastes. Apart from excellent technology and … Read moreStrategic Analysis of Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motors SWOT Analysis

 Hyundai Motors SWOT Analysis 2018 #INTRODUCTION: Hyundai is one of the leading automobile manufacturers of the world. The brand has grown faster in the recent years based on its focus on technological innovation. Apart from great technology and good quality products, the brand is also known for its excellent manufacturing capabilities and global presence. The … Read moreHyundai Motors SWOT Analysis