Audi SWOT Analysis 2019

CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONSTRENGTHSWEAKNESSESOPPORTUNITIESTHREATSCONCLUSION Audi SWOT 2019 Introduction :- Company Name Audi Motors. Industry Motor Vehicles & Parts Founded 1909 Founder August Horch CEO Bram Schot Headquarters Ingolstadt, Germany. Revenue (2018) €59,248 Million Gross Profit (2018) €9,131 Million Number of Employees (2018 av.) 91,477 Largest Market China. Number of retail stores and service locations (2018) 5000 approx. Audi … Read moreAudi SWOT Analysis 2019

Audi Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy of Luxury Vehicle Brand Audi. Audi is a leading luxury vehicle brand and a shiny gem in Volkswagen’s product portfolio. It is a globally popular brand of luxury vehicles. Its aesthetic beauty, innovative technology, and sporty image are the main reasons behind its popularity. Audi is always in the spotlight by its … Read moreAudi Social Media Strategy

Research and Development Expenses of Audi

Audi Research and Development Costs How much does Audi spend on research and development? Audi’s Research and development costs touched 3809 million Euros or 4.7 Billion US dollars in 2017. This represented a decline of 600 million Euros over the previous year and it has happened because of increased R&D efficiencies of the brand. In … Read moreResearch and Development Expenses of Audi

SWOT analysis of Audi (Premium car brand) 2016

SWOT Analysis of Audi 2016 (with Infographics)   Presented here is a SWOT analysis of Audi: Compared to most tier two luxury car brands, Audi’s position in the market has ascended rapidly. While the others struggled to gain a market share, Audi surged ahead faster. In key markets globally, it emerged as a powerful challenger for … Read moreSWOT analysis of Audi (Premium car brand) 2016