Apple Social Media Marketing Strategy

A fresh look at social media marketing strategy of Apple All the large brands are cleverly using social media to achieve their business and marketing objectives. One social media account has become a multipurpose solution for many branding and marketing related needs. Businesses are using their social media accounts for connecting with their customers, to … Read moreApple Social Media Marketing Strategy

Apple SWOT Analysis 2018

SWOT Analysis of Apple 2018 #INTRODUCTION: Apple is an innovative technology brand that enjoys very high level of popularity globally. It is a major player in the laptop as well as smartphone industry. While the laptop industry saw a slowdown in the recent years, the smartphone industry has kept growing faster. The newest release from … Read moreApple SWOT Analysis 2018

List of Apple Suppliers

Who are the suppliers of Apple company? Apple has  large & global supply chain that is populated mostly by Asian suppliers. A very large part of its supply chain is located in China and other Asian countries including Japan, Malaysia, Philippines & Taiwan. This is a list of main 200 suppliers of Apple including component … Read moreList of Apple Suppliers

Strategic Analysis of Apple

Apple Strategic Analysis Apple is well known as  technology giant and an innovative company that  has brought several superhit products to the market including iPod, iPad and Mac. The company has made a strong return in the recent years. While the computing industry has been seeing a decline in the recent years, in 2017 and … Read moreStrategic Analysis of Apple

Who are the competitors of Apple

Who are the main competitors of  Apple Inc? Apple is a leading name in the technology industry and the most formidable competitor for technology giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. The brand is ruling the business world even after the passing away of Steve Jobs.  With market value around 800 Billion dollars, Apple is at … Read moreWho are the competitors of Apple

Apple’s staff size

Number of Apple Employees 2000-2018 YEAR Apple Employees 2000 8,568 2001 9,603 2002 10,211 2003 10,912 2004 11,695 2005 14,800 2006 17,787 2007 21,600 2008 32,000 2009 34,300 2010 46,600 2011 60,400 2012 72,800 2013 80,300 2014 92,600 2015 110,000 2016 116,000 2017 123,000 2018 132,000 Apple is known as one of the leaders in … Read moreApple’s staff size

Apple Research and Development Expenses

Research and Development Expenses of Apple 2000 -2018 The following table shows the net income of Apple Inc from 2000 to 2018. The sums are in millions.  Year R&D Expenses ($mn) 2018 $14,236 2017 $11,581 2016 $10,045 2015 $8,067 2014 $6,041 2013 $4,475 2012 $3,381 2011 $2,429 2010 $1,782 2009 $1,333 2008 $1,109 2007 $782 … Read moreApple Research and Development Expenses