Amazon CSR and Sustainability

Amazon is a leading e-commerce brand and a leading player in the cloud industry. It is a customer centric brand and a socially responsible company.  The company invests a large sum in research and innovation each year to improve its e-commerce and cloud businesses. However, while it is a highly profitable company, on the other … Read moreAmazon CSR and Sustainability

Amazon SWOT Analysis 2018

Contents Introduction Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Conclusion SWOT Analysis of Amazon 2018 #Introduction: Amazon is the leading e-commerce brand of the world and a leading cloud player too which was incorporated in Washington first in the year 1994 and then in Delaware in 1996. Its website was launched first in 1995. The brand has seen … Read moreAmazon SWOT Analysis 2018

Amazon Revenue

Revenue of Amazon Inc 2002-2017 (Including North America, International and AWS) The following table shows the revenue of Amazon from 2002-2017 (Included net sales in North America, International and that of  Amazon Web Services). Amazon’s net sales in 2017 reached 177.86 Billion dollars. This was an increase of around 42 Billion dollars over the previous … Read moreAmazon Revenue