Adidas Personnel Expenses 2000-2017

How much does Adidas pay its employees? Check out how much Adidas spends on  its HR. Adidas Personnel Expenses in Billions 2000-2017 ——-Year————— Personnel expenses in Billion Euros 2000 0.63 bn 2001 0.695 bn 2002 0.758 bn 2003 0.709 bn 2004 0.637 bn 2005 0.706 bn 2006 1.087 bn 2007 1.186 bn 2008 1.283 bn … Read moreAdidas Personnel Expenses 2000-2017

Adidas Number of Employees

 Number of Adidas Employees 2003-2017   [visualizer id=”12157″] Adidas accepts the critical role of its employees in its success. The brand has focused on gender equality and diversity which it considers crucial elements of its strategy. In terms of gender equality, the brand has maintained a nearly equal share of both genders in the composition … Read moreAdidas Number of Employees

Adidas Research & Development Expenses

Research and Development Expenses of Adidas  2006 – 2017 [visualizer id=”12152″] Product Research and development is a key factor that ensures the success of Adidas brand. Innovation in design and development ensures that the brand keeps bringing popular products to the market. It has an important role in the brand’s sales and growth. Adidas’ R&D … Read moreAdidas Research & Development Expenses

Adidas Revenue and Gross Profit 2003-2017

Adidas Revenue & Gross Profit over the years from 2003-2017 Adidas’ revenue and gross profits have continued to increase over the years from 2003 to 2017. Net sales rose fast within the last three years  driven by higher focus on marketing. As Adidas’ focus and expenditure on marketing has increased so have its revenue and … Read moreAdidas Revenue and Gross Profit 2003-2017

Adidas Marketing Expenses

Marketing Expenses of Adidas and Reebok CHECK OUT THE LATEST DATA HERE .   Year Total Marketing expenses Bn Euros (Adidas & Reebok) 2014 € 1.923 Bn 2015 € 2.348 Bn 2016 € 2.41 Bn 2017 € 2.732 Bn ………………… Adidas  Marketing Expenses Billion Euros 2014 € 1.533 Bn 2015 € 1.897 Bn 2016 € 2.102 Bn …………………… … Read moreAdidas Marketing Expenses

Adidas Five Forces Analysis

 Five Forces Analysis of Adidas Adidas is one of the leading names in the sports fashion industry. Apart from making sports shoes and apparel, it makes accessories too.  During the recent years the brand has seen somewhat faster growth which has mainly resulted from its renewed focus on marketing. Despite stiff competition from Nike the … Read moreAdidas Five Forces Analysis