Adidas SWOT Analysis 2019

INTRODUCTIONSTRENGTHSWEAKNESSESOPPORTUNITIESTHREATSCONCLUSION Introduction : Company Adidas Group Brands Owned Adidas, Reebok. Industry Sports shoe & apparel. Founded 1949 Headquarters Herzogenaurach, Germany. CEO Kasper Rorsted Net Revenue 2018 € 21.9 Billion Net Income 2018 € 1.7 Billion Employees 57,016 Competitors Nike, Under Armour, Puma, Fila, New Balance. Adidas is among the leading sports shoe and apparel brands. … Read moreAdidas SWOT Analysis 2019

Adidas Sources of Competitive advantage

Introduction Adidas is a leading brand of sports shoes and apparel. The company has seen its financial performance and global presence growing in the recent years. Its main rival is Nike. Despite the market dominating presence of Nike, Adidas has been able to strengthen its position in the global markets. The brand has built several … Read moreAdidas Sources of Competitive advantage

HRM & Organizational Culture at Adidas

Human Resource Management and Organisational Culture at Adidas Group Adidas is a leading name in the sports shoe industry and while this industry has grown at a fast rate during the recent years, it is also known for intense competition. As a result,  brands are investing in multiple areas to overcome the competitive pressure from … Read moreHRM & Organizational Culture at Adidas

Business Strategy of adidas Group

Business Strategy of Adidas Business strategy has a very important role in the making of any market leading brand. The 21st century marketplace is highly competitive and to stay ahead of others you need a strong business strategy. Changes happen fast in the business world. However, strategy is at the foundation of everything you need … Read moreBusiness Strategy of adidas Group

Strategic Analysis of Adidas Group

Adidas Strategic Analysis Adidas is among the leading names in the sports shoe and apparel industry. During the recent years, the brand has made some strategic changes in its business model. This has led to better performance for Adidas. However, to grow faster internationally, this time the company has focused on the metropolitan cities. It … Read moreStrategic Analysis of Adidas Group

Adidas Consolidated Financial Statements

Adidas Consolidated Financial Statements 2008-2017 Amounts in million Euros except percentages. Year Net Sales Gross Profit Royalty & Commission Income Operating Expenses Operating Profit Financial Result Income Before Taxes Income Taxes Minority Interests Net Income attr. to shareholders 1998 5,065 2,124 45 1,698 416 -115 319 105 -9 205 1999 5,354 2,352 35 1,870 482 … Read moreAdidas Consolidated Financial Statements

Adidas Net Sales by Geographical Segment 1998-2017

Net Sales of Adidas By Geographical Segment 1998-2017 Adidas Net Sales  from Each Geographical segment (sums in million Euros) ( MEAA – Middle East, Africa & Other Asian Markets ) Amounts in Million Euros. Year Western Europe North America Greater China Russia/CIS Latin America Japan MEAA Others Total 2015 4539 2753 2469 739 1783 776 … Read moreAdidas Net Sales by Geographical Segment 1998-2017

Supply Chain management at Adidas

 Adidas Supply Chain and Distribution Network  Adidas is one of the leading players in the sports shoe industry with a large market base and a strong sales and distribution network spread worldwide. The brand is a leading competitor of Nike and has continued to grow its market share through focus upon product quality and marketing. … Read moreSupply Chain management at Adidas

Adidas Personnel Expenses 2000-2017

How much does Adidas pay its employees? Check out how much Adidas spends on  its HR. Adidas Personnel Expenses in Billions 2000-2017 ——-Year————— Personnel expenses in Billion Euros 2000 0.63 bn 2001 0.695 bn 2002 0.758 bn 2003 0.709 bn 2004 0.637 bn 2005 0.706 bn 2006 1.087 bn 2007 1.186 bn 2008 1.283 bn … Read moreAdidas Personnel Expenses 2000-2017

Adidas Number of Employees

 Number of Adidas Employees 2003-2017 For latest Stats on Adidas check here Adidas accepts the critical role of its employees in its success. The brand has focused on gender equality and diversity which it considers crucial elements of its strategy. In terms of gender equality, the brand has maintained a nearly equal share of both … Read moreAdidas Number of Employees