Adidas Sources of Competitive advantage

Introduction Adidas is a leading brand of sports shoes and apparel. The company has seen its financial performance and global presence growing in the recent years. Its main rival is Nike. Despite the market dominating presence of Nike, Adidas has been able to strengthen its position in the global markets. The brand has built several … Read moreAdidas Sources of Competitive advantage

HRM & Organizational Culture at Adidas

Human Resource Management and Organisational Culture at Adidas Group Adidas is a leading name in the sports shoe industry and while this industry has grown at a fast rate during the recent years, it is also known for intense competition. As a result,  brands are investing in multiple areas to overcome the competitive pressure from … Read moreHRM & Organizational Culture at Adidas

Strategic Analysis of Adidas Group

Adidas Strategic Analysis Adidas is among the leading names in the sports shoe and apparel industry. During the recent years, the brand has made some strategic changes in its business model. This has led to better performance for Adidas. However, to grow faster internationally, this time the company has focused on the metropolitan cities. It … Read moreStrategic Analysis of Adidas Group