A short list of mergers and acquisitions by AT&T

AT&T was incorporated in 1983 and has its headquarters in Texas.  It was known as SBC communications earlier. The company was formed as a holding company to hold the local telephone companies of AT&T corp. However, after an anti-trust content decree, the company spun off from AT&TC  to become an independent telecommunications company. Now, it … Read moreA short list of mergers and acquisitions by AT&T

King Jr and Malcolm X: Similarities and differences

Two Most Remarkable leaders of the Civil Rights movement : King Jr and X The Civil Rights movement is remarkable for the emergence of several remarkable leaders including Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. These are two leaders that remained at the helm of the movement and despite deep differences in their leadership styles … Read moreKing Jr and Malcolm X: Similarities and differences

Changing Government Role and Economy in the Progressive Era

Progressive era: Evolution of the American Government and Economy   The progressive era holds its own important place in the history of United States. The era saw some major changes happening that led US on a new course. Some of these changes were related to governance. However, the changes that  happened in the era led US into … Read moreChanging Government Role and Economy in the Progressive Era

Importance of Brand Equity

All that brand equity means to businesses


According to the American Marketing Association, brand equity arises out of the consumer’s favorable perception of a brand.  It is based on the consumers’ attitudes about positive brand attributes and favorable consequences of brand use. Most importantly it is the value a brand provides to an organization. Consumers’ perception of the brand can be positive or negative. Depending on that brand equity can be low or high. However, the benefits that arise from brand equity can be both tangible and intangible. A high brand equity can provide some benefits that cannot be substituted. Since, brand equity is as valuable, it takes time to build it. It is because it takes time for any brand to affect the consumers’ perception and gain loyalty. Still, once a brand has earned positive equity, it can keep enjoying its benefits. However, brands should focus on sustaining it.

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