Minor characters in a passage to india

Other Characters in A Passage to India

Mahmoud Ali – Aziz’s friend and a lawyer Mahmoud Ali is an important character whose role despite being limited remains prominent during the Marabar case.  Mahmoud Ali cares for Aziz but grows very cynical after the case and hates the English. He takes Aziz away from fielding and writes a letter full of hatred on his behalf to Fielding when he is away at England. He does not want Aziz to get back among the English.

Hamidullah – Hamidullah is also a lawyer but somewhat retarded whom Aziz and party tease regularly. Like Mahmoud Ali he is also a well wisher of Aziz who goes with him to Marabars. He too is shocked by the charges that Mis Quested has brought against Aziz.

Major Callendar – Aziz works under him at the civil hospital. The civil surgeon is full of attitude and except for Aziz’s skills he does not like him much.  He too wants to see Aziz going to jail but has to face frustration after Aziz is released.

Amrit Rao – A prominent lawyer from Calcutta who is known for being Anti British and is hired to free Aziz. He fights Aziz’s case and defends him successfully.

Professor Godbole – Professor Godbole is a devout Hindu who is a friend of Aziz and Fielding. He leaves Chandrapore to become the new education minister at Mau. When the trial is on, he gives everyone a slip.

Panna Lai – Panna Lai works at the civil hospital and is known for his treacherous character. He lies about Aziz and his character during the trial and tries to run after Aziz’s release. They catch him at the hospital where he escapes by tricking them.

Lieutenant Governor and wife – Lieutenant Governor plays a small role and appears just twice. Being a señior officer he rests in the hills and keeps away from the general English crowd below him. He comes to Chandrapore after the case and appreciates Fielding for having played the right role during the drama. Lady Mellanby, his wife is pleased when she is asked by the ladies below her to help them with the case. Ronny sends her a note requesting a safe passage for his mother. She takes Mrs Moore with her in her cabin and the old lady dies on her way to England.

McBryde – McBryde, the city superintendent of police appears a civilised and wise fellow to Cyril Fielding. Fielding approaches him in connection with Aziz’s case and asks for help which McBryde rejects. Later he is caught with Miss Derek in a suspicious situation.

Miss Dereck – Miss Dereck worked for a Maharani of a native state called Mudkul. She had borrowed her car to come to Chandrapore in which she brought Miss Quested from the Marabar caves. She stayed with the McBrydes and then a day was caught with Mr McBryde in a suspicious situation.

Ralph: Ralph is Ronny’s step brother and the son from Mrs Moore’s second marriage. He looks and feels like a simple chap with no common sense when Aziz first meets him. Later he comes closer and knows that guy is good like his mother and cares for him. he has a sister Stella married to Cyril fielding. The boy and his sister have a brief appearance in the last part called Temples.

Stella: Stella is the girl from Mrs Moore’s second marriage. She has married Cyril Fielding. There is no particular strength in Cyril and her relationship. However, she feels stable and calm when she comes to India. Cyril loves her and Aziz respects her.