BCG Matrix of SONY Corporation

SONY corporation is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, gaming products, music, and movies. The company has a highly diversified product portfolio including a large range of products catering to diverse customer segments’ needs. The company has introduced many innovative products and technologies during its history; some of them the world’s first. Over time, the … Read more

Global Marketing Strategies of Lego

This article aims to highlight the global strategies used by the Lego Group for market entry and expansion. It provides a detailed overview of Lego’s global strategies through the help of BCG Matrix, VRIO Analysis, external environment analysis, and a brief marketing mix of the company. The article also highlights the marketing strategies employed by … Read more

How to Build a Sales & Marketing Funnel to Increase Sales Conversions

B2B companies, big or small, often do not have a structured sales & marketing funnel which helps with prospecting, lead generation, qualifying, and building their sales pipeline. They usually approach this key step in their sales process blindly and are disappointed when they get inconsistent results. With the correct structured sales & marketing funnel that … Read more

How To Market Your Small Business Successfully

There are a lot of areas of building a strong small business that can be tricky, and learning to market successfully is one of them. Not only is marketing important in general, but it is particularly so when your business is small or new, and you are trying to create a solid customer base. While … Read more