Marketing Mix of Nestle- Four P’s

Introduction: Nestle is a leading multinational food and beverages company with a large and diverse product portfolio. The company is headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland and employs around 308,000 people. Nestle is truly a global company whose products sell across 190 countries. In the recent years, Nestle’s focus on healthy nutrition has grown and the brand … Read moreMarketing Mix of Nestle- Four P’s

Marketing Transformation at Microsoft.

How has the marketing strategy of Microsoft transformed over the recent years? Microsoft is a  leading technology brand with a global presence and large customer base. The company has remained at the helm of the IT  industry for several years. Its Windows operating system and Microsoft office productivity suite are household names in the IT … Read moreMarketing Transformation at Microsoft.

How marketing is evolving with data & analytics

Growing Role of Data in Marketing  Marketing is a fast-evolving field and particularly digital marketing has evolved at a very fast pace in the recent years. Every marketer knows that his biggest challenge is to beat customers’ expectations. In this regard, the biggest friend of every marketer is data. Marketers are managing large volumes of data to generate actionable insights and … Read moreHow marketing is evolving with data & analytics